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You can't trust them But this is a spot here where you think okay. Why are they getting appointed on the road. And then that's when they win. So i i i don't i don't blame me for going in that direction on that one but for me it's a stay away. The next game is I think an interesting one at four o'clock. It's the dolphins going into denver. Miami three and a half point road favorite's role now at two and the total here is forty five and a half. I really wanna pick the broncos here to a road game tough place to play even with no fans in the stands with the maya high factor. The broncos are up and down up and down. But i know getting three and a half at home against a rookie quarterback but they've got quarterback issues with drew lock obviously and it doesn't look like he didn't practice today So you know. It's kind of ridiculous to sit here and say like well. If drew lock was the quarterback. I'd bet them is if drew glock was. Yeah some kind of top ten quarterback. I think i would pick denver way. I just think the dolphins it do at some point for a little bit of a thumper. And i think this could be it but you know i always. I always hate teams going into denver You know we talk about it. That's the one place where even in a year with no fans. You have something of a home field advantage there. It's interesting i. I wanna like the dolphins year but the the things that worry me are And it's funny. It's almost like drew. Laxman awful Brett rippin it's it's it's a nice story. It's cool that he's mark ribbons Nephew and all that but He played in that thursday night game against the jets. And i don't know what the sort of general take is on him because they won that game. And i remember aikman was ekman was doing his best to be optimistic about it. I mean he's the guy is basically a third trained quarterback. He was terrible in that game. I mean he. He couldn't he couldn't play. So i think what you're going to see is the broncos are just going to try and run the thirty thirty five times and just Milk the clock in this one and and and do they to stay in it. The dolphins are susceptible to the run. They do give up some yards on the ground The dolphins are really good defensively. Because they getting these exotic blitz packages and then on top of that they have to really good cornerbacks and that's why they're not getting beaten because everyone in the league right now is built to pass the ball. The broncos are kind of kind of built to run the ball year. So i again. I'm probably twisting myself in knots. Trying to get off the dolphins. And this one. I really liked it off so i think dolphins are legitimate top ten team right now And i'm also with like to The broncos haven't been good defensively. they haven't been as as good as their their town. Which suggests i don't think they're as bad as As they'd been the last couple of weeks though. I think at some point to hang on vic. Fangio gives a rookie quarterback a lot of sort of Tricky looks to decipher and I think denver can can can hang around..

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