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Close stage of a garrett coal trade we heard that he was being traded the houston than they like snake and now they're like manna or really doing it so that trade has happened and that he's going out to the astros four joe must grove michael felise colin moran and jason martin so it's more of aaa quantity over equality although i really like joe must roman actually like michael fleas a little bit i understand why it feels light based on uh on on a garrick holst stature i also ball low so kudos to the astros there what did you think when you saw the deal come across ribera coal i you know what a what one of my friends on twitter steve consolo kind of compared it to the indians treaty cliff lee to the phillies getting jason napper curls drasko uh uh one of the catchers or forgot where the catch was a gotten that the only bills adjacent donald some wong's sivler name but they got four guys out of that one occur lasko hit obviously big for them but that's kind of what it felt because at that time clint flee was being bantered about one for ones in the on what the goal it was supposed to be the pired for asking for glued or as one of the catcher you're thinking nayef up uh and the and that the the yankees will say no will maybe will let you have clint frazier than there was talk that both guys i believe there was talk of both guys were off the table and if that's the case than come down who's got the better quality of depth while you're looking for a quality for quantity trade in with kohl having two years of control and zero chance to resign him this is the opera this is when you do that as all water that i credit the pirates four we don't know what else was out there and if there were if there if they declined a straight up frazier for coal offer i don't know man i would have taken that will myself but if this was the best quantity package who was out.

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