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Focusing on running the football and taking pressure off Mayfield and asking him to do some different things. Don't know if it'll matter, but they re opened their facility today. And so they could actually practice practice today. You all right? Yeah. Still, I mean, listen, I don't think the Steelers played well at the end of the year. Obviously, they lost to Washington. They got beat by Buffalo. They got beat by the Bangles. They came from behind, scrambled to beat the Colts and then Like you said they were without all of their guys last week and lost to the Browns they've lost for their last five. I don't think this is gonna be Steelers. 50 Browns 10. But I got the Steelers winning by a touchdown in this game. Yeah, I know I got I've got them winning two. It's gonna be, I think, just fascinating about how the Browns Do this weekend. I think it's going to be fair without one of their their offensive linemen, right? They've got a couple receivers that are on the coded list is well, your coaches out. He's your play caller as well. Yeah, I think that they've got some adversity here that Will be very interesting to see how they handle it. So I also think the with that conversation you could ask the same question You're asking about Mitchell trip risking the Bears with Browns fans and bigger may feel absolutely like, Is there something he conduce? You? This weekend and then in these playoffs to change your opinion on him as a player, Don't you think, though he has changed some opinions based on how he's played here, this the least the back half of the season already sure they also run the football lot more, and they specifically done that, And we've seen the success level rise for Travis Key when the bear started doing the same kind of stuff, But you will see Mayfield play from the pocket more. And they do trust him or to throw the ball from the pocket. But he's cut down on his mistakes. This year. He only threw eight interceptions after throwing 21 last year. When you asked the question you said earlier. How important is it coaching? I think Kevin's too fancy. He's done a fantastic job with him taking some of the pressure off of him right And that's why we'll see like how much will it actually affect one week on a game day. With how to him on the sidelines. He's not allowed to do it. He can't talk to him all game, but I think Chris makes a really good point. I mean, look, people are still kind of on the fence about Baker Mayfield. You want to change people's opinions, go out there and win a game. Under these circumstances against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and so here's what I want to do. Let's load up the phone lines either way. You support Mitch or you don't. I mean, we all support him. We want him to do well, But is there anything Sunday? That could happen? That will change your mind. You're pro Mitch. And he doesn't do well, will you? Then finally just say I just can't. I got to get off the roller coaster. If you're been a detractor if he plays really well in the biggest moment of the season, and they win. Where they come close, And it's not the offenses fault will you then say I'm good with him for another year, 3323776 and our keys. To the Bears will talk about that coming up. Coming up. Next. You're Listeningto Waddle and Sylvie on ESPN. 1000 Chicago's home for Sports football on ESPN. 1000 Albert Breer, senior NFL writer for S i dot com. Joins Captain Jay Hood Tuesdays at eight on ESPN 1000 brought to you by Valparaiso University. I were talking all about the playoffs. Let's talk more about the playoffs. Football playoffs Start this weekend, no better place to get in on all the action, then with Draftkings, a casino Queen Sports book, It's America's top rated sports book, APP. Haven't checked out the APB. Yet. There's no better time to sign up and start cashing in. I noticed a 100% odds boost on the Bears game by the way to celebrate the most exciting time of the football season. Draftkings, a casino queen Sports book is giving you the chance to double your money. All it takes is for one touchdown to be scored. During Saturday's football.

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