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A 401k to begin actively managing it number one you may be eligible for what's called an in service withdrawal or fifty nine and a half withdrawal fifty nine and a half means age fifty nine and a half okay so an in service withdrawal or a fifty nine and a half all you have to find out what you have that eligiblity what that means is this that gives you the ability to roll a portion of your 401k or or all of it potentially over into an ira what's the advantage of that well more investment options so you're not limited now to the funds inside the 401k you can actually work with an adviser on a more diversified portfolio that made better suit your needs so that's what i would start with second thing you need to look at and ask your 401k provider about do i have a brokerage link option now it stays contained in the 401k but brokerage link oftentimes looks pretty similar to having it into a rollover ira because your adviser eight text the word either pension or 401k and we will get back to you at the hoffman financial group i want to also mention that we have a couple of dinner workshops coming up at the noble fin this week on tuesday and thursday the fifth and the seventh also at twelfth day that's at peachtree corners chris i was just over there the other day i said oh my gosh there it is the noble finn was over medlock bridge by the forum we ate over at the flying biscuit we had some breakfast over there and so there it was the noble fan right there are peachtree corners so a great location you'll be aspens in marietta as well coming up in the month of june a lot of opportunities they're all that is on the website at unleash your money dot com so 401k's i some funny happened the other day on facebook somebody posts it's official we're millionaires and i'm like are you kidding me really it's true a lot of people i have reached the million dollar point in their 401k fidelity says they have a one hundred and fifty seven thousand people who have 401k accounts that are now a million dollars or more and that's a.

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