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In Seattle. First of best of three, rematch of the 2018 finals George Wallace WTO sport. All right, George, thanks Top stories were following for you right now on WTO a hearing this afternoon into the potential release of the affidavit involved in last week's search of former president Trump's Florida home. The judge in West Palm Beach who authorized that search warrant says he now wants the Justice Department to propose redactions to that affidavit. They have a week to do so. Meantime, the longtime CFO of mister Trump's family business pleaded guilty to evading taxes today as part of a deal with prosecutors. That deal could make Alan weisselberg a store witness against the company when the case goes to trial this fall. And the loudoun county public schools is appealing a judge's decision to let a grand jury keep investigating two sex assaults by the same student. The board is questioning whether Virginia's attorney general had the power to seat that jury. Keep it here on WTO for more on these stories and just minutes. In other news, there are some new developments today in the sex abuse case involving the Mormon church. A judge in Arizona handling a high profile lawsuit accusing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints of covering up child sex abuse has ruled the church may not refuse to answer questions or turn over documents under the state so called clergy penitent privilege. Clergy and many states are required to report information about child sexual abuse or neglect to police an exception to such laws allows clergy who learned of the abuse through spiritual confessions to keep the information secret. Jim Crow CBS News. Coming up in money news. And of the day up, but just 19 points, Amtrak has 4000 jobs to fill. I'm Jeff claywell. Four 48. Traffic and weather. On the 8s and Dave dildine in the WTO traffic Senate, believing southeast east sea steering away from suitland Parkway outbound traffic is stop and go and then diverted past the Maryland line at nailer road Parkway is closed to outbound traffic between branch avenue and silver hill road for crash investigation inbound, both lanes open on suitland Parkway if you're inbound. Southeast southwest freeway and kenilworth avenue, volume delays both ways, no recent incidents reported. It ended Virginia on three 95 southbound traffic is heavy, Washington boulevard under shirlington circle. Beyond the Springfield interchange and on 95, southbound through woodbridge, but the heaviest traffic is from dumfries to Fredericksburg. Thursday is the new Friday, especially a nice weather on 95. Outer loop loaded up between van dorn and the Wilson bridge, interloop from Tyson's to the American legion bridge, 66 slow and stretches, westbound fairfax, the centerville, eastbound falls church through Arlington. Beltway in Maryland, slow in many stretches, but no major incidents, two 70, same deal. No big problems to slow it a few stretches. Northbound into gathersburg and clarksburg. We are hearing from loudoun county officials on that crash on route three 40 between harpers ferry road in the West Virginia line now for a while traffic of an alternating. Now we understand for about 15, 20 minutes traffic is going to be stopped while they recover one of the damaged vehicles where there was fluid spill. So traffic on three 40 is stopped to continue the towing operation with a pretty significant delays, both ways near the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers. If you're going eastbound on 50 across the severan river, just a brief delay, and no delay at the bay bridge spans across the Chesapeake. I'm David W TLP traffic. Mike, Jennifer, how much longer will we have this weather? Well, I had to go run outside right now because it is coming to an end fairly quickly. It comes back tomorrow and that's not

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