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On the Courtney Campbell Causeway, looking good as well on eye for between 75, the 2 75 downtown interchange. If you're traveling westbound, we do have a high wind warning up for the sunshine Skyway that is open to all vehicles, Tanks, McConnell, NewsRadio wofl, Bob Cochell here from the Gulf Coast air systems weather sooner. Ah, a few showers. Even a passing thunderstorm possible this afternoon clouds will stick around overall range. Ince's at a 30% highs in the upper eighties today, but we will dry out overnight lows fall to around 74. We'll see more sunshine on Monday highs in the upper eighties just a 20% chance for a few passing showers. Winds will stay breezy, but it will feel less human and the less humid, drier air sticks around through the middle of the week. Those winds will start to calm down on Tuesday, but a lake wind advisory is in effect through this evening. I'm Max defender. Eight. Meteorologists demand a holly The following is a commercial program paid for by American Equity Advisory Group LLC. The opinions, viewpoints and promises made during the following program are not those of W F L A. M, its staff management or parent company. I heart media incorporated. Welcome to the award winning hidden Wealth radio program with two time bestselling author Chuck Oliver. For Over two decades, Chuck has been helping baby boomers and retirees toe thrive in retirement. And now here's Chuck is Chuck Oliver. Welcome to hidden wealth radio, where we educate baby boomers and retirees all around the country and learning how to thrive in retirement, and it's taking A view through a different lens. Folks reinventing retirement before retirement is reinvented.

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