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You have some clips about New York's most iconic hotel, the plaza and the woman behind ellos and Mindy. Kaeling joins us to discuss her new film late night. She wrote and stars in the comedy alongside actress Emma Thompson as a late night, host on the verge of losing her show, hailing plays a naive young writer who becomes her secret weapon. I'm Alison Stewart, and all of it is coming your way right after the news. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Lakshmi Singh. A house committee is preparing to vote on whether to hold US attorney general William bar, and commerce secretary Wilbert Ross in contempt of congress for an investigation about the upcoming twenty twenty census. NPR's Z lo Wong reports that after the vote the chair of the house committee could go to court to force the Trump administration to release documents related to next year. Census be house oversight and reform committee is in a months-long dispute over Trump administration, emails memos, and other documents related to the potential census question is this person a citizen of the United States? Justice department says President Trump has now claimed executive privilege over those documents the DOJ previously refused to release portions of the documents citing ongoing lawsuits and attorney client privilege ministration has said it wants that citizenship question to better protect the voting rights of racial minorities. But recently uncovered documents of GOP, strategists suggest the question could politically benefit. Republicans and non Hispanic white people on the Wong, NPR news. Today. A federal judge in Boston will sentence, the first defendant, in the college admissions cheating scandal. Prosecutors want thirteen months in prison time for former Stanford sailing coach who admitted to taking more than half a million dollars in bribes on behalf of students trying to get into the elite school, but as NPR's tovia Smith tells us is attorneys are asking for just probation. Prosecutors say John van damore not only defrauded Stanford, but also validated national cynicism over college admissions. They say a meaningful sentence is key to restoring public confidence and to deterring future fraud but defense attorneys. Call damore the least culpable of all the defendants in the case, and they're asking for no time in prison. They say none of the students van damore was going to get in actually ended up as recruits, and none of the money went to van more personally, it all went to the sailing team. Stanford. Meantime, says it considers the money, tainted and will divert it from the sailing program to some other public good. But the school takes. No position on. How much time van damore should serve to via Smith. NPR news Boston in the latest phase of a showdown. In Hong Kong, thousands of protesters surrounded the city's legislative council building, forcing the government to delay debate on a Bill that would allow city residents to be extradited to China. We have the latest from NPR's, rob Schmitz,.

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