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And he can go to the basket you got somebody go into the hole and then he kicks it out and maybe kicked a divider who shoots to three you know right there's always sinai in position what's interesting is is there's not keen with more pros he's had been worked out and there's not much grass you know draft still in on this team they're just not involved or maybe can be drafted maybe matthews gets some day uh i don't know i don't want to pigeonhole anybody and tell them they can't do it but you know the the final fourteen was killed with drastic is that were we knew that they were gonna win the nba and it was sold a bunch of guys who were good guys than they got along just fine but you know they'll wanted their shot you know they wanted to score uh and that's what made that he can go with sure more often than not they worried more about more about their shots than anything else and that's part of what made them good this team more than anything is probably had just they don't care i mean they really don't they don't care who who ends up with fifteen or sixteen than that and that given game uh as long as they're six and seven ahead of whoever they're playing uh that's all just seems to matter to them so uh they're really a team minute in some ways it with the tournament that's why did you saw i make this little run here they're the kind of book tools they can do different things they can defend that can when different ways uh and and they're getting their deep so so unique group for sure and in one that i don't feel like a lot it's a team that's confident they they went into the victim tournament i mean a lot of mca said that they should win but they win the and with the attitude they were going to win the victim tournament i mean there was nothing else right nick oh yeah i mean they were playing their best rathmell the last week february a less two weeks really they came into the big ten thrown up there with i want to say it was five or six straight uh and then ship so i guess we'll have been five straight flip the nine during the tournament so they were playing their.

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