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Classical conservatism contemporary style you are listening to the Dan o'donnell show conservative thought not just talk it's talk radio redefined Dave and I have have a oh boy it's it's funny we're debating on what to do about a story yeah I think we're gonna have to because that is that's hysterical yeah I don't well I know you yeah yeah we we've got a story it's it's kind of a where are they now story about a radio personality who you might have heard of we've got to kind of clear this but it's it's really really really funny what's that yeah it's a roof so story of bitterness anger and lots and lots and lots and I mean lots of anger too funny what isn't funny is what's going on in the west Allis west Milwaukee school district I have heard rumblings of this for a while and west Allis west Milwaukee has going public C. online thieves stole more than eight hundred thousand dollars from the school district in a scam that basically targeted an online payment directed at one of their contractors CG Schmidt this happened on October twenty.

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