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A been chicken but but how how did they translate all of this information into something useful well as i said they're looking at 12 from bed species and what they're doing is all the data they're a savings at all the ways that they limbs move and obviously you can see the ways that the lakes move the way that the wings extend all that belbey muddling this difesa and that should hopefully be alberta advised them on how dinosaurs moved as well brilliant thank you very much barbie now the annual meeting of the american association for the advancement of science lots of tongue twister held this year in austin texas completed this week on the agenda what topics that range from the difficulty of conveying science of climate change to those who need to know to the growing impact of artificial intelligence and the hunt for other earth like planets my lucky colleague roland pease was outlet soaking up the sun and the science and one session that court his i was on the study of planets caught in the process of being boon around newlyformed stars karen oeberg is an astronomer at the harvardsmithsonian center astrophysics she studies that growth process in lab experiments and also with a joint alma telescope a radio telescope set out in the atacama desert this piece of kit has sixty six detectives that compare count with incredible precision the molecules that build planets and perhaps even the molecules that could stall lonely form one she spoke roland pease at the conference it's amazing what alam unable us to do is rooted chemical pictures of their birthplaces of pilots and that has just been possible before alma threeday map out the chemicals structures were planas our current reforming going was picture a stall forming with his private may be huddling world it like a friday and you have the star of the middle but then you have a sort of this distribution a disk of swirling destined to rome yeah i think that.

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