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But if you look at his target, you know, volume percentage snaps all of the things that he did great two years ago. And and how he was utilized this last year, you might feel like, you know, they they started getting other players more involved. But nothing actually changed for Keenan Allen. And I if you look at yardage versus touchdowns you'd expect him to have a few more. Now, I agree. Mike williams. Hunter Henry it's going to be difficult for him to be a you know, nine ten touchdown guy. So but he's consistent. And you know, it's it's one of those things where I've got him at twelve. So I've got him as a wide receiver one. But that's not who I want to be my wide receiver one being the, you know, I feel like you need a wide receiver. That's gonna go out there and dominant Keenan can but I don't expect on the year him to be a dominant. Type. I don't I don't think he's got a top five ceiling in him in twenty Agri with that between weeks nine through fourteen last year. He averaged nineteen point two fantasy points per game. That was second in that span. So that was his run heat for a guy who does a score touchdowns. He scored. Five straight games. It was it was very bizarre to see that happen. And then and then the touchdowns just vanish again. Do you look at the return of hunter Henry to be a negative or positive for Keenan L neutral? I think it's good for the offense. I don't think it takes away from Keenan. Now, he had the fourth highest target's share at the wide receiver. No tyrel Williams this year. Right. And that's just that's Mike Williams now. Like those targets for me. Yeah. Travis benjamin. Yeah. Travis Benjamin could go into the tyro role a little bit a little bit. Yeah. I think he is a fine guy. You're not going to be disappointed, but he's not going to be a top five wide receiver. So take that for you know, how your how you wanna draft come your draft. Hey, Fook Lam. We wanna thank today's sponsor. A new sponsor who not only makes a really great product. But they are a very good company. That's one of the things I love the most about Lisa..

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