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Com, which is three pub trivia dot com Every weeknight 873 to play a lot of fun, the final escape from things and You know, we're really proud of the product. We keep involving up the production. So on the pier, anyone out there interested? It's one way to connect with your friends and family on a weeknight empty Every and Dan The beer's just in the fridge. You know you don't even have to wait for a server. Exactly right. That's the best part of it. Lowering liberates, right? Yeah, but when you do go back to the bar, be sure to tip Well, cause they're working hard. Okay, so, Dan, they love trivia. I'm a little bummed out that I already have the answers ahead of me. So I instead I'm going to have miss Lauren laughter. Lauren, you ready to play? I sure am. And Mary Vandevelde. Mary, How are you doing? I'm good. How are you? Very good. I appreciate you working a little early to play a game with us here today. Found no problem. All right, slept in any way to get used to these hours. I know Jane is just so crazy. I'm in the same boat. Right? There is where we are going to read the question. We're gonna get answers from Lauren and Mary. And then you're okay with giving the answers out, then. F course. All right. And I'm so glad we're starting this. This is a tough one. All right, Lauren and Mary. Here we go. Ah, Born in 1950 for what? Non American actor? Has appeared in over 130 films in his career, including a 1998 film, and It's two Sequels, all three of which he was nominated for an MTV movie award for best fight. I'm Going to read that again because this is a lot of contingencies here. The actor was born in 1954. Not American been a ton of films. One particular film was in 1998. That film had two Sequels. All three of those were nominated for an MTV movie award for best Fight. Damn The Questions Get Easier after this one, right? Out there. You get less clues, but I have an idea. But I don't know if he's that old. Go ahead. Chiana Reeves canneries one Guess you got me, Mary. Your guess is he's Oh, what's the guy's name and taken? Oh, that those are the two guesses. Surprisingly, with that many factors, Dan, we have two answers, Don't we? Well, there's one correct answer. There's two different answers. Those two, unfortunately, are both great. Neither it correct. Deano Deano you thinking Matrix into Tuesday, going around and Chiana with American he's born. Why you affair gets Ali needs that we people older, taking movies a lot, but the the answer in the turkey one like that, a Jackie Chan under 30 film yet so there's a lot of clues that desire to be driving nuts. You can't do that, with teeming Under 30 film Jackson kind of Hong Kong films long career and the other two will have nearly that many, but yeah, those red herrings Laurence Fishburne, another red herring there Now I understand what the way this is laid out. Yes, Indy. All right. Here we go. Shaking the cobwebs off on that first one morning. Start me Born in 1951. What? Actor comedian ring number 13 on comedy central list of greatest stand of comets of all time. Was nominated for an Academy Award three times between 1989 in 1997 for his role in drama films. He won one Oscar, so Ranked number 13 as a comedian, but he was nominated for three drama Academy Awards between 89 97. We'll go with Mary first on this one married Robin Williams, Laura Latka. George Carlin. Let's find out, Dan Well, he was right. The answer. All right, you both legends, But the answer is Robin Williams. Yeah. Sting going. Very good. Very good. All right, We got one for Ms Van de Veld zero for Lauren Lab. We're gonna go to a business question, which is great winters business was coming up in about nine minutes. Which what Well known company was founded by a man named Jerry Merl and his four sons in 1986, The chain began Franchising in 2003 and now boasts over 1000 locations throughout the U. S. Jerry Merlin has four sons in 1986 created what company and he guesses. Lauren, Let go. Oh, gosh, I got nothing. Okay. Mary. It's seven. Uh, let me let me help you out a little bit. Let me tell you something with five in it, Yes. Because, yeah, I can't remember, though, And I tell you what it's for Sinan and Jerry. So it's not five girls. But it's I came in a truck. Five guys, right? And five men in a truck. I love five on the right track to go. All right. Here we go. Question number for what English word is directly derived from the ancient Greek root. Her little star. The word refers to something that white mind general that one might generally come across in everyday life. It's a little star. It's an English word derived from ancient Greek, referring to one might generally come across in everyday life. They got little star in the sky or a little star little person. I don't know. I don't know if he's saying Han Dan is Mary a Lotto? Ask me subsequent questions of Barker quite full time back in the real pub. You know, they have you for another clue. Don't know very Vandevelde, one of those types of the bar arguing with advanced type everywhere. Any guesses Mary without any subsequent questions, If it's if it's astronomy question, I'm out. OK, Laura Lab? Yeah, No, I got nothing. This one's tough, Dan. It's not starting from the ancient Greek for little star, the anger that the asterisk asterisk is the ancient Greek roots. A little star, right. What will be will be on every 2020 baseball record this year. The Asterix on top of the whole year, I think all right, what we're doing. We're competing about as well as we would after about 10 or 11 beers. So let's keep on going here. You trying out for my weekend? That's why you slept in Mary. You know you were out last night, arguing with the trivia pub guy. A little fight's wanted to bear a lot of jail this morning. Okay? US history. How many years were there between the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the Gettysburg Address? And the Gettysburg Address. Kind of allude to this, And that's an extra little clue for Mary. There s so how many years between the sign even Declaration of Independence and the Gettysburg Address, Lauren any guesses? I was so bad at history, okay? Married or not. That's your you're partly there seven years. 47. No is that it was scored scores 20 years. Yeah, that's right. So do the math for us. Dan. How many It would be. 87 scored the records of 20 years, but that's quite fun. Team trivia, Right came up with the main idea. And then you just stuck it out. If you were with a team, you get it, right? Yeah. I didn't have enough time on Mary. You're not on the clock yet. By noon. You will have the answer once you sober, don't like seven Mormon. Exactly. All right, let's go with. Let's go with animals here for our final question. What is the common name? Of the genus of animal known as Moose, Teyla or Moose Stella, which includes European pole cats and make this one's too tough. I'm skipping this one. I'm skipping this one. It's not. It's a weasel. No one was going to get that one. All right. Here we go. Same name what Word is both a synonym for the word beginning and the name of a band that has sold over 150 million albums worldwide. It is the synonym for the word beginning. And also a band name that has sold 150 million albums worldwide. One word yet Thinking of accident. Genesis. Really good. Well, Mary is our winner today even before her shift starts, Lauren, I know you're busy preparing for the final fairness. I was half section No surprised with the answers rep really indicated that Dan one more time where people can go to play along..

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