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Let this happen to our country. Republicans believe in the rule of law not the rule of the mob. He skewered the democratic candidate for governor in Ohio. Richard cordray, the former head of the consumer financial protection bureau. He did such a bad job at the agency that he read it was terrible while urging Ohio voters to keep a GOP majority in congress. I'm Jacky Quin. Trump has another rally and Kentucky tomorrow evening. This is AP radio news. Washington DC cardinal. Daniel Donald world has resigned. Grand jury report accuses world of helping to protect some child molesting priests while he was Bishop of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, attorney general Josh Shapiro says it's unacceptable world was able to just step down. He is now able to retire seemingly with no consequences. Greg Burke is that the Vatican. This is about moving forward. That's a phrase that cardinal used last month and moving forward means it's it's for the good of the church, especially for the unity of the church. Pope Francis suggested world had unfairly become a scapegoat. In a statement cardinal world said once again for any past errors in judgment. I apologize and ask for pardon. I'm Ed Donahue. The bodies of eleven babies have been found hidden in the ceiling of a Detroit funeral home close by the state six months ago. Michigan officials shuttered the home after inspectors found decomposing, embalmed, bodies and other violations. I'm Tim is Ron Don. Somebody who's jed.

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