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About how it's manmade global warming that's causing this. I knew that was going to be coming up real quickly by the global warming idiot. Someone's a think it's manmade dislike the men like cavemen caused global warming when we went from the ice age out of the ice age. Anyway, let's go to the newsroom here. Now, by the way, we didn't get Lee this morning, but it's going to be the same more heat high ninety two which about three degrees above normal. Let's go to Chris strengthen in the newsroom hurricane. Florence is getting ready to hit the east coast Florence has been downgraded to a category two storm, but it's still packing dangerous. Winds of one hundred ten miles per hour. Forecasters are predicting a storm surge along the North Carolina coast as high as thirteen feet in some locations and as much as forty inches of rain. Florence is expected to make landfall early Friday six pm. People are dead after a shooting spree in Bakersfield, California, the Kern county sheriff says the shooter went to a trucking business with his wife, confronted another man and then shot him and his wife. He then shot a third person who tried to flee went to another residence. Confronted to more men and shot them dead police chase the shooter. And when they pulled him over he shot himself a new poll in the governor's race shows democrat, Andrew gillum leading Republican Rhonda Santa's forty-seven to forty three percent. Just inside the margin of error that poll comes from the Florida chamber of commerce, which usually backs Republican candidates political analysts say Gillam is benefiting from being a fairly unknown. Politicians statewide on Chris tranquil NewsRadio nine seventy WFL. A now, let's check sports from the six twenty WD. Sportscenter on their and Jacobsen Blake. Snell took a no hit bid into the seventh inning and got his major league leading nineteenth win leading the raise over the Cleveland Indians. Three to one yesterday snails ER. Dropped a two point zero three that's second in the American League by Boston's Chris sale. The raise will be back at home tomorrow night. I teach is at seven ten and don't forget this weekend. Does matter the razor in that playoff hunt. Ten dollar lower corner. Tickets for games on Saturday and Sunday, just go to raise baseball dot com or the box office to get your tickets. Dan Bay Buccaneers cornerback Vernon Hargrave was officially placed on injured reserve yesterday after it was revealed that he suffered a torn labrum Hargraves had the injury confirmed after getting a second opinion from Dr James Andrews.

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