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Interest. In the case, Ted's trial would not only be open to Florida residents. It would be the first murder trial to be nationally televised. In June of Nineteen seventy-nine hundreds of people flooded the Miami court room for the first day of proceedings, television crews from all fifty states and nine countries set up lights and rolled cameras and spectators, many of them young women fascinated by the curiously charming murderer filled seats. As thirty two year old Ted entered the courtroom. He beamed at the crowds and winked at cameras. He had an audience. The entire nation was watching ever the showman. The spectators emboldened Ted. He made impassioned speeches and crack jokes, making the court room roar with laughter. Just as he did during the Carol Durant case, and despite his lack of a law degree Ted led his own defense, though a team of young public defenders was assigned to his case Ted assumed the position of lead counsel much to their annoyance multiple times he drove his lawyers to walk out of the courtroom in frustration Ted. Insisted on cross, examining witnesses, often undermining his own argument in the process, and in the end there was little his attorneys could do to stop him. Ted was too caught up playing lawyer in the role of a lifetime. But the stakes couldn't be higher for all of his showmanship. His impassioned speeches at the at trix Ted was still dealt the death penalty. On July thirty, first nineteen, seventy, nine in his thick southern drawl judge Edward Coward sentenced Ted to the electric chair. But it seemed that even the judge at Ted's murder trial hadn't escaped the serial killers charms after he delivered his verdict, coward lamented that he saw a bright young man's potential wasted, he stated. Take care of yourself. Young Man I say that to you sincerely. It is a tragedy for this court to see such a total waste of humanity. You're a bright young man. You'd have made a good lawyer, and I'd have loved to have you practice in front of me, but you went another way partner I. Don't have any animosity to you. I want you to know that, but even after being sentenced to death Ted's antics were far from over in January of Nineteen Eighty Ted represented himself for the last time in the murder trial of twelve year, old Kimberly Leach, and once again he was given the death penalty, but it was nearly a decade before he saw his sentence through. In that time Ted? Bundy lingered on death row, taking interviews with journalists, psychologists, and as execution grew closer, he began admitting to more murders just to delay his sentence. Ultimately, he admitted to thirty one in total. But Ted could only delay fate for so long on January twenty, fourth, nineteen, eighty, nine, forty two year old Ted took his seat in the electric chair in front of a large picture window behind it was a gallery of onlookers, many of whom were witnesses at his trial. In his last words to his very last audience Ted Apologize. For All the trouble he caused then a metal skullcap was placed on his head, followed by a black hood. The executioner flipped the switch and moments later at seven sixteen am. Ted Bundy was pronounced dead. At his request Ted was cremated, and his ashes were scattered at an undisclosed location in the cascades in Washington, state. After his death, Ted Bundy place among class of America's most prolific serial killers. But his blood legacy lives on not because of the number of his crimes, but because of Ted himself. Americans were and still are fascinated with the good-looking charmer with a capacity to kill. It's this duality that we fixate on the shadow. We boundary between all American men and notorious murderer, but he embodied so well. Countless movies, documentaries and books both fiction, and not have been inspired by his brutality and his charisma, making him into a kind of macabre celebrity. Ted Bundy has become synonymous with the idea of a serial killer, the prototype of a psychopathic lust murderer, but as the media's love. Affair with Ted Rages on it begs the question. Was this, but he ultimately wanted. There's no doubt Ted used his unique position at his televised trial to his benefit, but perhaps he'd always intended to make a lasting impression that would live on long past his inevitable death. In Ted's last act, he'd manipulated an entire nation, creating a dark stain on our collective consciousness..

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