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66 in Joliet I'm James here's WGN Jee news Sookie next is news a when friend it of happens ours she next did scheduled radio news with us at for a 12 while then 30 she went to big glamorous television and land now she's barely even going to take our calls but how fortunate we are to have her down the line Chicago over and channel that debuts 9 she's Monday going to be the at co 3 -host p starting .m. Monday G how have of you been a show called fantastic Spotlight and I have to like you say the and pleasure Bob is Surratt all I mine was just and in in my awe brief that I moment got to in share the Sun a with the studio radio with greats you even like get to work in the same building as you so I'm a huge fan of yours as you know yeah well yeah you and I got along well thinking we're it producing was fun and to writing work with you there and we did and but now I hear you then doing you a went new over show to right do what yes to it news nation is I think spotlight Chicago on and Monday and it's going what to be weekdays this is John at is 3 we p really .m. want to in the focus afternoon on and it local is called stories about the communities and our neighbors and of course you know WGN has such so many a commitment shows to are going away local but programming we love that especially WGN when is you committed to know that it area and is shrinking so we basically much want so to hear from the and viewers to so we to really help want to us focus find on those positive overlooked news stories stories you know that maybe don't make that the are whether it's you know Sarah and I visiting hidden local gems or you know classics, favorites in the neighborhood and or then also an you're organization telling those stories you know about that's somebody giving back. doing good you know whether Sarah it's Jindra just a is person your in your co -host on this is it an hour long show half hour how long do you do it it's an hour long so that's why we need help finding all these and who does how great many hours stories. of radio That seems so a daunting day and to and me so a Monday blog through as Friday well an and hour each and day. a Yes podcast it says a man who You know what a story Yeah that just came well some to mind of was my stuff's and I crap saw though. it and meant to No. talk about But in it but haven't done the anything meantime with it you was the woman know you know who's on the trail cheering people on when they go by she's what's her name The there's the woo Woo lady Lady they and called her and we that were talking about it that's we just were a talking little about story Ronnie that Woo would slip but through the cracks but then I Pico's think well would Lakeshore love Drive to trail be right cheered and on cheering by on this cheerful runners story and you walkers know yeah and she's bicyclists like just on and the yeah how great would it be to have her wooing us actually live in studio on television that's up to you guys but I whom you if do that's what the sort are some of of the vibe stories you're of the going to show be doing she and we sort sure do of we fits have that some you do know you have wonderful some in the can features I presume on local artists uh just did a furniture maker who was inspired to incorporate fire fire to go near in wood his furniture at all making but he which actually is incorporates you know it into seems his art uh and his craft you we know most people featured don't a want local local in Chicago potter and who you know actually our dining scene makes is incredible a lot but of you the plate probably ware never for think about all the how award much winning you restaurants know the plate the plating in painting is so important to how you dine and there's a local Chicago guy doing that and um breweries we and are going local to feature small restaurants businesses as well and and then we're bars going to do some fun stuff too you and know Sarah is known for too just just to bring a laugh you pinch bring know some out cheer for having throughout fun people's and day so am okay I and so we're starting going to do some on fun bits one day then and that'll be on channel 9 at 3 o 'clock each day 3 to 4 and good he's cutting on cutting you and cutting by the way your right first point um i think this is so true I presume i mean is talk a whole staff about a commitment of to people Chicago coming up with everybody's an video award and for talk every you day know backing so us thank because you this for that is yeah this well is incredible thank you opportunity to WG and and Nextar I feel very for lucky to be here and so does Sarah and we're just excited to get to know everybody and hopefully hear from everybody watching and get to know people you know we're going to be out in the neighborhoods in the suburbs so and Sarah Jindra too starting Monday WG on channel 9 ok she will be get get ready DC paranormal investigator ready author DC podcaster and star hindered spirits and ghost hunters Amy Bruni is coming to the miracle theater on September 13 don't master .com miss out when on the tales the of Amy's temperatures most go chilling up spookiest it's encounters get sticking Elizabeth your from tickets American weathermakers heating cooling today and plumbing to now see how is you the time can to qualify replace for your old up to inefficient four thousand furnace dollars 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