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They call online. People didn't respond that way. Respect like fine. This is judy of fun. They didn't serve the injunction or still good. They might have been keeping the victory but the address it didn't get the injunction that's but it was on a technicality because he was just waiting to see whether the minister was more like Let me see How how far are against the applicants have not satisfied the court that it is probable that the minister will break the judy of k. In making a decision that not satisfied. Cool that i will have the opportunity to apply for injunctive relief. Like i think what he's getting his if she decides to allow the mine. Come and see me okay. So it's not good for the morning old. Climbing is victory in much the same way. The christian puerta was climbing. That's sort of. I can't slow. The next question is where the common citizens have a duty of care to him fact their fellow citizens well. There was that case of the guard with from new zealand. Who was a professional dancer. And he he had eids and he had unprotected sex with people and he was well there was actually a crime of he was done for a crossbody infective. Yes and he could clearly had been done for a form of negative negligence For for having unprotected sex when he knew he had eids so because they caused real harm. Yeah those people. Yeah so if you knew you had covid nineteen up from melbourne. You went into a nursing hyme and purposefully sneezed alive. The kitchen utensils just brought to a meal. You put could be an action against stop. Go out into the woods and already if you drive up. Three country new south lyon with active covid symptoms. That's where it gets more difficult them. Yes but yes okay. Tom still good in not endangered. The shark tank at all show docking. We've talked d'aquin in the past and this is where we lose a few of the lift friends here and this is one where i'm actually on your side on this. One pulled to a large extent. Saying doc emu of coups by bruce pascoe basically painting a picture of indigenous brothers being much more of an agricultural society than anyone else has ever climbed. Before and doc emu was a very very popular book and in a children's book which is seemingly in a curriculum in some schools. I think i..

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