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Saying this for years though they should've done this years ago but i feel like the until they didn't want the only time they did anything was when reporters uncovered things and they had no choice but to investigate but he didn't want even hurts them jeff when you think about what we're talking about here and i agree i would love a world where coaches the violate the rules are done but ultimately the schools could do that themselves that they would just stop hiring people that break the rules absolutely i mean i had a coach tell me earlier today and he said like it's the president's in the these they're scared they're scared they're the ones who are who are who are not coming down hard and and and selling out for the coaches because they're scared of their own assets they're covering their own houses and speaking cover and they're an asset i think that's what marquette martin into the blaze doing here with this whole committee the commission ranchos if this doesn't go well at the end of the day what mark amer what can he do well listen wasn't me i just i did what kind of lisa rice and grant hill and david robinson and listen i love dave robinson i hate to be negative here on this but i i'm coming across very negative i get it dave robinson is one of the nicest human beings i've ever met when like he just doesn't know the college basketball landscape now and the as you get in i was going to ask you before we let you go it's going to ask you and your point completely stands right if they follow through with these and they don't work out they can blame the commission if they don't even put them into two in fact they could say well we took the commission's thoughts into into account but we didn't agree with them but do you think that the the first flaw in all of this.

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