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Hall dot com after crossfire Republican congressman Steve Kean has lost his seat Republicans in northwest Iowa ousted congressman Steve king in Tuesday's primary decided it had enough of the conservative mainstay known for making pointed comments about immigrants in white supremacy throughout his nearly two decades but in Congress the nine term congressman John bye party leadership in Washington and many of his longtime supporters at home lost a well funded state senator Randy Feenstra in a five way GOP primary critics in both parties charge a king was no longer an effective representative for Iowa's fourth congressional district on agriculture another local issues I'm pretty bad at reporting Joe Biden is on the cusp of formally securing the democratic presidential nomination after winning hundreds more delegates in primary contests Tuesday while condemning the death of George Floyd while in police custody and Minneapolis Texas governor Greg Abbott says father protests are taking away for the message of ending racist police tactic you know ironically those acts of violence and vandalism they are overshadowing the death of George fluid rather than shining a light on the injustice that occurred Washington DC area pastor says the rights of the killing of Floyd actually began as peaceful rallies now we have many people coming out of the entry for others we have the same problem as Ferguson whether people who blew up more in fact I'm not African Americans Jackson junior spoke to the Salem radio network a police officer was fatally shot Tuesday night at the motel in Alabama news outlets identify the twenty three old officer as moody police sergeant Stephen at Williams he was shot shortly before nine thirty PM and taken by ambulance to a hospital news outlets report there was a possible stand off the motel with a heavy police presence and two suspects are in custody this is Donald dot com gold insuring are you missing it if you have an IRA or four oh one K. you probably are less than one percent hold physical gold we've been told by Wall Street for crazy people really what's crazy about a asset to beat stocks two to one I'm Adam berada national bestselling author of the book gold is a better way owner of advantage golden Inc five thousand member and highest rated gold IRA firm in the world gold is booming because gold is really about debts and global debt is a pandemic if you've an IRA or four oh one K. I'll give you my book for free that's right free text gold to four nine seven seven six that's the word goal to four nine seven seven six learn.

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