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What i want our brand to be about. And while not all because will look like that it still very so much core to who we are and what our mission is and as far as the mental health initiatives go so i think it would be a dream to have like a standalone brick and mortar space. Where i can do mental health initiatives in art therapy ian conduct support groups for appearance than you know i so many ideas enriching activities that you know really just at the core of it bringing together mothers and fathers to and just bring them into community allowing us to just celebrate each other and like being community with each other and have fun and play and also burn in share burdens. You know what. I mean the end of the day. That's how we heal. I believe like of course. There's so much other work that goes into it but healing at the community. Is i feel core to motherhood and that's been my experience. That's the ultimate goal is having these like pop up spaces that we can have mental health initiatives whether it be art therapy or just someone coming in to tell us about you. Know bringing awareness to whether it be autism or adhd or eighty. Now there's so many different things that people are stigmatized. I want to bring awareness and put it china white on it. I love squarespace and recently. I just redid my website and i really love it. It's minimal and it was easy. I was going to pay someone to do it and i decided maybe i can figure out how to do this one more time and of course i was able to because squarespace makes my life easy. I really enjoyed the process..

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