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Give us your money hillary it's it's one of those so let a money nines gene automated so he can be like if hillary his father tony ordinary nine wasn't a big fan of his son hillary money hillary exactly what was such a every single day at school and in fact from the age of five to nineteen he pages dinner money but are at debbie indian aisha what he made about a new deal could be bail and a bad deal the brakes negotiations continue the whole thing is basically a disaster let's be honest is like a leap in the dark with a blindfold on and they keep saying look we've got the two year timetable for achieving this and it's really realistic it's no it's like me saying every january that i'm gonna lose a student in a week you why you're laughing suzzie what's your take on new deal bar do you think it's going to be only but you when punishes nothing's going to build eight will be negotiate we've to sing up on chat toward east to negotiate with the heat punishes style the fight to the bobby these data with us chris four what see you to break that i think that the foo coach she his actually no delays building a bad deal unless the deal is a good deal bailed about new deal which is you deal with it so she doesn't really know what she say no.

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