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Quests that we are making we still have thirty percent of the total number of presumptive positive coronavirus the incident webpage for families who don't have masks to request the Eric Berman ninety three W. ID seen mobile needed but as businesses reopen it they shouldn't be afraid of a lawsuit says Indiana house speaker Todd Houston will be won't be if not the biggest hindrance to the economy opening up it will be one of all Houston says some employers are timid to open back up out of fear of being sued by employees if they get the corona virus after going back to work if Congress doesn't do anything about the issue here soon Houston says state lawmakers have no problem taking the lead on it because of the pandemic many members of Congress don't want to assemble in person instead they wanted to proxy voting where they have someone vote in their stead or they just phone it in well that's a legal according to congressman Greg pence I signed onto a letter suing Nancy Pelosi for taking this card your card away from you hello C. N. house Democrats passed a resolution Wednesday changing house rules to allow for proxy voting and Penn says it's a violation of the constitution and that for laws to be passed by Congress all members of each chamber need to be present for their vote to count coming up why they why they want a hate crime investigation that story and more next on ninety three W. white BC coming up on Tony Katz today my one on one conversation with Iowa senator Joni Ernst and what's the real story with the U. S. in Hong Kong that's coming up in three minutes protesters calling for justice as the city of Minneapolis is on edge over the death of a black man at the hands of a white police.

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