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To syndergaard harvey the bullpen now i think raise the short that's how good the pitching putting harvey in the bullpen but look the bullpens been faltering gotta be careful you gotta see what they're doing they're bringing these guys up and down from aaa gotta find someone instead even familia you know what if what if rags of what if like you're like they have those giant heads at basketball games that they hold behind the like the hutu to fuck with people they're gonna hold up they're gonna ski heads they're gonna hold happening the happen at clemson university tennessee they yeah i got hit sending me photos at tennessee games for the ncaa they were using big big henry galaxies i want you to want you to be on college game day in like giving your predictions and like doing that like why school never been saying lacrosse across maybe but there is there is something beautiful about the fact that we've noticed it certainly with our careers that if you're a big sports fan and you go into the public eye and let it be known that you're that sports fan you're going to have access to some really cool event have you met any athletes recently like just in the in the last couple of months just to the mets invited me to opening day this year took my dad your dad who plays baseball in an adult league which scares baseball to this day at sixty nine years old oh tangent on friday night i was i was host benefit show for race to race investors call most benefit multiple sclerosis research dave winfield was there no and amazing they would feel too he's six six he still got but he's sixty sixers little younger than my dad but i'll tell you my technica winfield better than dave winfield right now better shape.

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