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Welcome back, so looking at a piece here from The Associated Press, apparently Facebook is still banning Trump for now. Despite his campaign. And they've come to the decision that while he's running for president, he still can't use Facebook. So they have no plans to reinstate his account. And I'm thinking, well, why would they? They kicked them out while he was actually president of the United States. He was actually in The White House when they did that. So that's a bit of news coming from the technology front. And then people wonder why there's such distrust for these people. Just a guy, whether you like him or not, he's just a guy. He's not calling for the annihilation of an entire people group or the annihilation of an entire country. He's saying to make America great again and that COVID came from China. And I don't think any of us is disagreeing with that. But we're going to continue your calls. I see that we've got calls coming in from all over the country. Let us continue here. Where are we going here? Matt in North Carolina, Matt. Welcome, you're on with rich Valdez. We are rich. How are you doing today? Wonderful. Thank you, sir. What's going on? Very good. Sir, I want to talk about this problem with people, you know, going to bring about Trump give a little experience about business that we all know Trump's a big businessman. I'm going to see how the company and all these people complaining about his evil tweets or his nasty tweets or whatever you want to call it. That's right word. Thank you. Yeah, you bet. Well, if someone complained about the president of my company, complained about my personality, I'd be fired. I fired his whole crew one time and it told how did you get a new one? So what's more important, many tweets for how he runs the company, sir? Your opinion. Yeah, listen, I'm with you. I'm totally with you on that one. But again, I'm biased. I'm a little kid that grew up looking at Trump village. It was in Queens. I lived in Brooklyn. They had some properties in Brooklyn. And the Trump name was big when I was two names were big. You know, there's a few names that were very big. Leona Helmsley was big. Donald Trump was big. John Gotti was big for being in a gangster and Rudy Giuliani was big because he was going after him. And I never had anything bad. I mean, everybody knew wollman rink was a crap hole. Trump came and said, it looks like a crap hole. Can we fix it? Let us fix it. It was mayor Koch at the time, mayor Khan said, you want to fix the rink in Central Park? All right. Trump went, made a beautiful rank. It's still there today. It's a beautiful tavern on the green restaurant. All that fun stuff, everything looks nice. And he's had some other contracts with the city where he's really operating. Just really nice stuff. The Trump properties, I gotta say, they're not for anything. They're just very nice. They do it excellent job. So I look at that and I think, yeah, that's quality. Whether you like the guy or not, whether he's tweeting, I mean, who else? And I guess that's the question. When you go to buy a car, you go, man, the CEO of Chrysler, this guy. He tweets the way he tweets, I just, you know, we don't even know what the CEO of Chrysler is tweeting. And that's part of the issue. Is that because Trump is so larger than life and like megyn Kelly said, and I think very appropriately. And it wasn't a compliment. It was probably to his detriment, but it was a true statement nonetheless. She said, if you're in a room and Donald Trump goes in that room, he sucks up all the oxygen. That is a fact. That is a fact that I doubt you're going to, if you're in a room with Trump, you're living in his shadow. So if you don't like living in somebody's shadow, don't go in that room. And I think this is why there are so many people out there, especially those are big personalities. That say, you know what? Oh, I don't like Trump. He's this. He's that. He's the other thing. That's why they don't like him because they can't coexist with him because his personality is too big and it clashes with theirs. So I think that's part of that. And I think you're right, Matt. This is one of those things where, you know, there's a lot of things that people don't like about people. Let me tell you, there's things I don't like about Joe Biden the way he made fun of people and the way he said Barack Obama was the first African American that's articulate and clean. It's a storybook, man. I think that was unfair for him to say I think it was unfair for him to say what he told Charlemagne the God. If you don't know if you're for Trump or you're for me, then you ain't black. You know the one guy who said, you know, are you willing to take a cognitive exam? I don't think I was running for president. It was an issue. Trump had taken one. And he says, am I asking you if you're taking any chest? Yeah, you're taking cocaine, can I test you for cocaine? I mean, I think he's been out of line so many times. And nobody calls him out on it. Nobody calls him out on the fact that his first presidential campaign ended in disaster. Why? I don't know, check Wikipedia, if you like. Because he lied, he got caught perjuring himself or plagiarizing the speech. So again, I think Trump is held to a standard that no one else has ever held to. And I think the whole thing is flimsy. It's because they just don't like the guy and they try to hide behind saying he's toxic or he's this or he's the reality is they just, they can't, they can't handle it. They just can't handle the fact that, you know, whether he's president or he's not president, the media loves this guy. Whether the trashing him or the praising him, they want Trump in their headline. They want Trump on their first page. They want Trump in the first block of their TV show. They want to talk about Trump because Trump brings eyeballs. And I've talked about this in my coffee shop experience, Matt, with the Cuban guys, where I go to get my coffee, and the guy said, you know, this is one guy that that's made a $1 million selling cardboard cutouts of Trump dressed as Rambo with big muscles holding a big machine gun. And like a life size cutout, cardboard cutout, and the guys made over a million bucks selling these in the last few years. And I said, look at that. You tell me who else is doing that. And I'm a big fan of Kanye West. I don't like the things that he said necessarily. And I'd love to have him on the show. Kanye, if you're listening, come on the show, let's talk about this. But his music, I enjoy, but I can tell you, he's a very popular guy. I'm not buying a cardboard cut out of that. I'm not buying the Trump one either, but I don't think anybody's buying one of many celebrities that are very popular. Trump has a different type of magnetism. So I just think it's that which gets people jealous. And yes, it matters how you run the company, not what you tweet about when you're the owner of the company. So very brilliant point Matt, I appreciate it. I get it, folks, our phone number 8 6 6 5 zero 5 46 26 8 6 6 5 O 5 four 6 two 6 I am rich valdes and we're going to continue with your calls we're also going to cover a couple of quick stories and we do have some more calls that I'm going to get to so I don't want you to go anywhere but I wanted to share this I was looking at a story here. Hold on, where'd it go? Live radio folks. Don't go anywhere. Here it is.

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