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On Mets down in Miami this weekend. Need some wins after the last couple of days in Washington and the healthy bodies as well? Steve Geller joins us as he does on a regular basis assist get right to it. I mean we all assume that Conforto headed to the I L here that did not look good. And it sounds like Carlos Gomez is coming up. First of all, Conforto Stevie what was the read after the game? I just, you know, when you see him and having to hold them up it certainly doesn't look good. Yeah. No, it didn't look good. And I don't think anybody was really surprised when they said he'd been diagnostic catching, it kind of looked that way, when someone just all of a sudden falls straight straight into the ground like he did it pretty much was, I think, for most of our end that was probably going to be the diagnosis. And you know what can, you know, really that you never know. And so I think the Mets would be obviously hoping that it's a seven day concuss not alley can be back after that. But his one of those things that you just have absolutely no idea. We come out of it so he went up to New York for reevaluation after the game yesterday. And I guess we're gonna have to wait and see. But this one, no losing drop in two or three to the nationals understanding going down to to the Marlins in he'll what this Sears represents if this team loses another series. Is this potentially be the end of Mickey Callaway? It's a good question. Certainly when he has that meeting with Jeff wilpon, Brody bandwagon, and that becomes public. You know it the first warning shot, I would say, never buddy right now is claiming that his job in an imminent danger, and I'm not sure that it necessarily is we've heard we've heard that a lot of the last couple of days in this town. That is true. Yeah, I think it is one of these things where these next ten days are critical just as he's last six, seven were critical. Your plan the softer part of your schedule here. You got to beat the Marlins. There's no doubt about it. Especially with the pitcher's throwing in this series. Then you've got four very important games against the nationals before playing the Tigers. And after that the schedule gets very very difficult again. So, you know, if they don't make some hay here in the next ten days, and if, again, one of the big things is this division, if this division, kind of starts to run away from them right now they've been lucky that everybody's kind of been underperforming, but this vision starts to get away from them. I would not be surprised if a move was made. But, you know, it's, it's one of these things that I think we're just gonna need to keep talking about reevaluate on day to day basis, because it's really all about what happens here. I would think the next seven to ten days, kind of continuing on to that, you'll it seems like we don't really know who to blame. In this town. At least we talked to most of the fans because. A lot of people wouldn't give a ringing endorsement to Mickey Callaway. But when you look at some of the moves that brody's made in jail our not having another setback. Not getting back on on the field. Canot struggling Rommel's, how much of this drug stand in how much of that is on Brody opposed to Mickey Callaway? Yeah. I think you'd have to say that right now the early returns have not been good on the moves that wrote him wagons made. It's a simple as that. So, you know, Mickey Callaway can only do so much that being said, you know, this part doesn't always matter. Right. I mean, if things aren't getting done to change needs to be made then generally, it's the managers had on the block. So, yeah, I think there's to go around these Rosser decisions have just, again, not worked out. I think the only one that really stands out as having been a big pod. Probably Edwin as even though he hasn't been exactly what the Mets thought that he would be after. Last season. But no doubt the canot underperformance has been a big issue for the team and Wilson most behind the plate despite what Mickey Callaway wants to say about the winning percentage within by the plate. He has been, you know, a negative vote catching and offensively on the metro expecting a whole lot more from him. So it has not been a good early report card bandwagon. But again, it may not matter Steve Galster s and why it's like depth was, you know, the strategy this off season, you know, making the B team if you will the one team stronger so that maybe you could absorb some injuries, but see, I don't know if the Mets actually have the depth to fill in for Conforto. Listen. I actually do think that they had the right idea and they did a good job. They have significantly more depth. No doubt about it than they've had in the last few years. The question is that they have the right debt. You know. So I think everybody had questions about the key Brockton lagaras, redundancy, their and that's part of what you're seeing Brockton. He's not necessarily wrong when he talked about his playing time now he hasn't done anything to really warrant increased playing time, but it's a very difficult decision. When you've got two players that are almost exactly the same lagaras, Braxton to figure out how to get both of those guys into the game. So that that's specific. Move wasn't necessarily the right debt. You know, as for filling in for Conforto, nobody really could. But to have a guy like Carlos Gomez being able to come up to have a Roger David down there, at least to have some major league players guys have major league history coming up to fill those spots. But the fact of the matter is that. No matter what team, it is. If you're gonna lose arguably your, most important hitter your most important player for a stretch of time. You're never going to replicate that production. Steve. I'm curious about how the Mets are using a little more analytics this year we obviously know Adam Guttridge was hired and the analytics department got expanded, but like decisions, for example, like pitching funt against the nationals as opposed to the Marlins, or for example, having pita Lonzo take a seat against the nationals. When you have the Marlins coming up like who who's, where are these decisions being made, who do we point to this analytics, this Mickey what's happening? I think it's a collaboration. And it's nothing that is so significantly different than you see elsewhere around the league. There's no doubt that managers, simply, don't make the lineups by themselves anymore. It doesn't have. You don't see it anywhere. So, yes, Adam got rid is involved road, even wagons involved, the analytic departments involved. And when it comes to the Wilmer font decision, which I think everybody is right to question. The one thing that Calloway. That yesterday is bay had done some, you know, research and saw that pond. His better when he is pitching on regular rest. Now, the question that a lot of people could rightly ask, you know, who really cares? Follow up, Steve. This is one of the best of the visit. That's the thing is, is will refund on regular rest is not necessarily what you should be worried about at this point in time, especially with a guy that is not going to be significant part of this rotations plans, and may not even make the next start. So, you know, in cases like that, sometimes, again, it's not just the message that's the way it goes across the league. Sometimes analytics can can't force teams to over think the sessions that baby should be a little more obvious. If you just take everything out of the equation, Steve Gibson with us. Is he joins us in a rare regular basis? Steve, what's know downplayed it but what you read on macneil and the injury? No, I actually do think that that's going to be okay. He'll punch of sports hernia surgery itself. He's got so scar tissue in that lower dominant area. It's something that McNeill said he'd actually had happened already one time this year where he just took a day off, and it was good to go this hidden something that, that she seems concerned about in any way. And he's a pretty genuine guy. He's concerned about something generally, we would know it. So I wouldn't be surprised if he's not in the lineup today he takes today off and gets right? But I think when it comes to the he'll be fine back to Braxton for a second. I hit to put it this way. But Conforto injury almost save him a little bit more time here in the big leagues. Maybe I think especially given the way that his post game press conference, went yesterday, scrums thinking they're skiing. Listen, I know you touched on it ready. But when you're not going well and you strike out to end the game. You can't start talking about playing time. No, you can't. You can't it was not a good luck. The optics of it were were bad again. Like I said earlier, just in a vacuum, you understand his point a little bit. But you can't make it in that setting. It's clear, the Brockton is frustrated. It's clear that the don't really have a, a plan about what the do with him or or how to get him going. So, yeah, I think that he's a guy that probably would have been on the chopping block. As soon as today if not for the Conforto injury, it's still by the way, wouldn't stunned me if after yesterday they just decided to, to make the move, but, but right now I think there's at least the chance that he's still sticking around for a little bit just based on the. Fact that they need the body. Now this has been a real, pick me up. Is there playing the Marlins? Yeah. That's awful and pick me up. What are you a Cleveland guy? Coconut grove where you had to shave. I can't really tell you that. What will try to keep the hordes away? I got some suggestions for you. Steve bardo. He says always against the road team if it's a one o'clock game in Miami. Steve Geller, we'll talk soon. But, you know, the next time I go, I, I need to get those suggestions. I wasn't your watch parts of you're going to throw out of there, because you got a couple of good ones that could've applied, always do the right thing, the wrong thing, the right way. Yup. Let's true. That's a good one. That's a very good one. That's like Lawrence to live by they really as you go out there. I'll get you a drop top man that nice little tiny ball, head a hundred degrees up there just signing the head man reflecting on how bright joy star out there Miami. Gotcha. Does kind of sound. So what do you say like dropped up? And it sounds to me like be one of those guys with that umbrella hat. Good luck. Size eight and a quarter. That's always right up there with the poncho. When I see people wearing a poncho. I'm like, just get wet actually. What were you asking Rutgers go to Miami? Now. We don't that'd be so you go down there. I have a boy dropped off for Ari. You pull up debut look like where you going Carlin. Don't worry about. The crest gate. We used to that was when I thought I thought I was going to we went went there. Twice one was in a pouring rainstorm at the old Orange Bowl and the other time was doing sideline. And I thought, Sean Taylor was gonna kill me running at me. And he's got the visor kissy is, is it looked like he was coming, right? Out of the matrix, Carlin shows up Cuban Linx turnover chain. Kim. For you. Lou in Verona on the fan. What's going on? Hey, how you doing? Oh, really? Yeah. What's up loop? Just two points. The first point I wanna tell you guys, you are good. All right. We appreciate that. And I might be overstating. I don't want to talk about this particular point. But Maggie I think you'd probably doing something groundbreaking here. Your ability to listen to thank you. I appreciate that. All right. Let's not get. Lose right. I would think you talked about our show, and then I thought and I don't know. Do you think it might be something to do with the Yankee something they're doing whether they're, it's the emotional support, psychological support and builds nature? Something cashman..

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