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Is to plea or not to plea the story of Rick gates and the molar destinations has written an article which is also entitled to plea or not to plea our numbers eight hundred two two two five two two two two for the conversation and let's go on down to Daphne definitely what the program welcome away from a happy to be here MLA Dr drew a year actually and I have something in common you made a comment at the time about a new wine a my first book and in the blockbuster saving Amy that fill the book with Amy winos based on my cell mate was there for six months without a family and the film inspired by a won an Oscar are so you have been in my thoughts and I'm very glad that you're talking about a talking today because addictions is very important for me but we are going to talk about an existing today for Amy my god that document was breathtaking well and why and and by the way for to me to me as you know clinician looking at what happened to her the get sub standard the the unconscionable care she received in London and various different settings for her addiction was truly breathtaking how bad the care was in that region it was just shocking but and before we go to our stuff I'm so glad because I was taken by your remark that the sign and that I thought you were so observant and I I still and I've done on the biggest interviews with Michael Jackson Liza Minnelli Eric Clapton Sir Dixon I always felt that addiction is not the problem usually dysfunctional family and other things that addiction is only right so so so so right it's so what happens is essentially it's under the gym the the larger heading of childhood trauma or some part characterizes advert childhood adverse childhood experiences what those commonly created something called affect dysregulation cities people feel to prolong the negative all the time they just can't stand being in their skin so they find their way to drugs early then if they're genetically sat up the trigger a second problems so the diction is really two problems it's the addiction which is the biological disturbance in the brain and it's the underlying trauma they're trying to solve and regulate and of course you know families Cree and in that all that but we are we are talking about we are here to talk about other thing in this one yeah yes thank you for that and thank you for your do your work yeah Rick gates what's going on there so the guys you know can we gave too I have anybody who doesn't know and have been the key witness of the Robert Muller investigation he has been the deputy campaign manager for Donald Trump and after Paul manifold his boss was fired and replaced by Steve ban on he was asked to stay in that he was the deputy chairman also the integration which will Tom barking usual friend of Donald Trump and myself don't drop either long time friend of mine and so for that reason my interest was there I was introduced to reggae by Eric from because my husband and I were asked to be two of the delegates in the convention two thousand sixteen when as we all remember Ted Cruz I have tried to court includes field the vote the delegates about out but what's important right now because they're going through the impeachment inquiry a what I found out if you know more are made sure NEC made sure that none of their okay guilty all were interviewed could talk so Weissman who really led this investigation luxury motor sign Paul Minnesota as part of his plea deal after recess trial that he could never write a book but why spending so funny enough which was paid by your tax money my tax money ride basically agreed and signed a lucrative book deal to tell all about inside investigation so not we could not know what's happening inside investigation before I came with the school and and by the way I president trump laws in the no house my cell make a book and he did not we are told in threes on three relying on the family it is not actually so me and bill a bill my husband your weeks ago we gave we told him the books are coming my husband is also coming I would love is going to be a lot in the next few weeks with a huge foreign policy book era do and prompt Turkey Syria and he joins administration after the book shall we call them little sounds like something light reading yes right you've got wheat so Donald in their bedrooms they are outside and he's staying in front of we were chatting often not alone and that means they can get them in front of St John any rank at you see that's why I didn't believe that I said Mister president I'm preparing a medal for his we control themselves the fire would roll of so for somebody good about it was you let me ask this what I'm seeing because I know I know are there to the your coming from the psychological point it's not only political when I went in the spoken word you because your in a white guys and you know what's happening right now we should we should be house mine and and your last name so what exactly did when I went in to read and thank god I've never faced such an area option terrible option you have knowledge and I wish you would never and I wish to not a few release of those but I thought it's probably that the government is going to ask you is such a huge power and an agenda probably you'll have to choose between the warehouse two choices like between cancer and aids god's will be divided and then I found out when I started the film and talk to reach the owner along no no you don't have any choice the moment your target of the government in such a high also investigation they decided for you if you don played guilty if you don't cut the deal all my god they would double triple the charges you will be broke and as you see what's happening right now Lori Loughlin who decided the fight is suddenly sixty eighteen your I don't know if it's going we went out since we started to call they'll reach gates really broke down after one hundred seventy in all sixteen days what he really wanted to fight like everybody else you and I would want to fight and when the sun eight double the charges against the amendment FOR he understood he was running out of money the government as a man the median following a fallen leaves much younger is located at three of them I will young they don't even know something is wrong with Daddy because game in his life broke managed to shelter them they lots of jasmine was the eldest one you can just imagine and him just one UE tools small to fighting it's not that there was any reason and he saw it he came to a some kind of a release and then started the big problem because this is not the nominee being the very one sided no time line and they would walk back on you any time and if you know guys both of you know they already walked back on Paul manifolds with you've got the pleaded after the first five they did walk back on top of that please they may walk back on on screen because they decided he would be he would have made **** started with NASA so there is no no no way to to insure and also these guys you know every deal with doing life is a time line of person your goal each one a few tomorrow go tomorrow to the doctor he said go out all you have to go through surgery your first question would be what is the recovery time when can I go back to my radio show right now and just three months the last there's no time line because as you know all right and my clean we just be sentenced at December seventeen also this is two year after it's all started an array gates we'd not want to testify as a try they were just on last week he fought against it he really didn't he was false otherwise there would be no sentencing talking about creek Procol right yeah does the federal government the did the judicial partner have to much power to exert its well sure there are some limits on that somebody should also investigate day investigators don't you still I mean we learned by now that they have their own agendas ride Hey I mean we know the game you know I I by the way I had a and the coffee we use that top attorney in in there and New York several weeks ago and we're gonna Jonathan Paula Paula you members the Americans buy for its route and he said he inherited the case after any yet you getting me and all the Saudis he's doing it for free for nineteen years they said I never never to represent any client which he you know offered a plea bargain at Cleve needed by the government because they would always walk back on game I would look like a liar I would not sleep at night I just wish for all these clients to somebody else I think you know my let the a prosecutor or wants to work to succeed but we also know relieving the political atmosphere and prosecutors running softly says they want to show they want to show results and and you know they sometimes may be on Twitter local human rights in and so what you did you your you mention being close to the the White House did you know that Rick Kate there how did you select him as a target for your for your investigation Hey I mean I usually do interviews as head of state and eighty so it's not my usual one as you know the stress when will they be wine a little states and stuff Eric something to do with the idea even the collar friends about you know we started to communicate as delegates and everything when my husband and I were invited to the negotiation and stayed with the family and close friend of the Tom Patel Rick was there as a deputy chairmen of the liberation working so my friend Tom box so we saw the you know you're bomb into each other that James there the call see than the practice we all like what they call the trump all beat we belong most of the friends but it's sort of what makes and then it's really started you know it's funny now I mean you don't become closer it started so really when he really wanted to be a very gingerly and we decided we were coming to DC at the set my husband so I think the administration I have a presidential appointment to be announced so we're going to ever do you ever worry you're gonna get dragged into one of these things everybody that being the president of the of scrutiny put on them if you're mad at actually just happened you know do you know what Fuhrman nation needs there he wanted to meet as we were coming to DC on that Monday we took the red you from San Diego on Sunday funny enough our friend dot yeah dial a silo used to be a congressman we thought on the side of your member everybody was at you know in Washington was speculating the way it was late and leaks of that would be the faster your indictment of smaller everybody and is that why should mistress were actually sinking cool widely we sat me live a dialect of flat there Mike sleeve that Minnesota nobody was thinking about three but that Sunday before we took this last week called me and he was trying to get at the interface job on the political every night felt it was very hard after the rate of fall metaphor a harm NBA I was trying to email it to me I didn't get it this appears on I didn't get it what's the big deal tomorrow we are at the time but then we decided to have coffee at five PM with a friend the file Erik Brann said Tuesday's sandals and are impossible to China governor Branstad and he kept trying to email kept trying to email and I said what's the big deal with each other come up as if you had a premonition he said what do you think is going to be indicted this about because they never right right at your house and then we landed and then Monday morning at seven AM we landed to come to the time to tell the manager the stating that I go to the shower and then my husband he's dreaming from the other room I was so shocked I guess we don't have a slide yeah right what will it end and now now that it's you know we've sort of gone through this did you learn something specific about every what would you take away from this this investigation I think I mean there is there are a couple of things first of all I would to tell you and I and it's nothing to do with the political arena not that a motor was appointed by your nine everybody to find out if there was interference your last sentence to gauge in in two thousand six right I'm very important and otherwise he should've investigators there was of stocks of just the saw a related sing about that'll do them on that and what I'm reading in this book for the first time because it prevented other people any any people to talk to you don't know what's happening inside right that by June two thousand eighteen they already concluded they could not charge anybody was Russian collection and they kept asking reek and silly and everybody by many teams for the Russian gruesome gates said from day one there was no Russian pollution and suddenly one day meet and Jones they just stop asking and went through out the issue of.

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