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Convictions. Cool she's released from prison. She promises that she will not hold anymore seances. And then she immediately goes back to scotland and begins holding seances but she moved back to scotland and decided to to basically keep it on the down low and be a bit quieter. These are small seances in her home now giant packed halls and she's no longer releasing state secrets in one thousand nine fifty. Six police raided her while she was in the middle of a science one evening because now of course the fraudulent medium act has been established. And she's really truly not supposed to be doing this and she said that she was in a very very deep trout senate and it took her out it. she's very upset and throughout the rest of the day. She keeps complaining that she's really not feeling well and that evening she died. What yep of what. Her followers of course blamed the police raid. Yeah but also eulogized her. The people that fully taryn liked said to the the spirits decided to keep her for their own while she was in a trance. Thought it was very nice The general medical opinion now is that she was in very poor health and just it was bad timing and she just happened to die that evening but either way. That's the end of helen. Duncan wow or is it. She's a medium of course right if anyone's gonna come back. Yeah it should be held in dunkin and she did make a brief appearance. At a seance in the uk in one thousand nine hundred eighty three and i mean a very brief appearance. She appeared to wish happy birthday to another spirit. A nine year old boy who was celebrating his birthday from the other side with his brother's family and various other well wishers. Okay and helen dropped by mainly to encourage all the living attendees to remember folks who are alone on their birthdays. And it would help to papa card through the door of those that we know are alone. Oh we have audio of this to wait. What.

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