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Down the block because people are running outside in stopping us for information kind of like the ice cream Manchester Henry rave in an animal lover himself opened his church to pause a man out here struggling nine would be trying to find different ways I consider my playing area resident Jackie lettered with two yep the dogs said this is a good thing I'm I'm very happy they're offering free vaccinations spaying and neutering exams and a pet food pantry in Inglewood my Krauser newsradio one oh five point nine FM news are sponsored by a teacher R. boost a wide Florida man shot and killed an unarmed black man outside a convenience store last year he's going to prison for twenty years markings McLachlan's girlfriend had parked in a handicapped spot at a convenience store and Michael dredge get told detectives he was irritated by people who illegally parked in those spots McLachlan's mother Monica more Robinson spoke in court although hate you but I will never forgive you she and blocked in spotter Michael say dredge got has lacked remorse deserve to die in prison in the Bible it says in order to get in the habit we must forgive those who trespass against at this point in my life I am not there yet the judge called dredge got a self appointed handy cap parking space monitor I met Donahue millions of retirees get a moderate increase in social security benefits nexus Social Security Administration says the Cola or cost of living adjustment will be one point six percent and twenty twenty that's about twenty four dollars a month for the average retired worker and after a significant increase this year that's more in line with what is typical but seniors complain the inflation yard stick that determines the annual adjustment doesn't adequately reflect their costs mainly for healthcare the Cola impacts nearly seventy million people including social security recipients disabled veterans and federal retirees my camp in Washington WB news time six fifty two market news is next and is now a page from the diary of flow dear diary I got the brush off again I don't get it is there something wrong with the way we've elbow wrist elbow.

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