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Naval air station would be on a naval base kit sat Mabel magazine in the island of naval station Everett we're told those who live there by shouldn't to be bothered by the extra activity for traffic and weather is next and then we'll have more from ABC on the two shootings over the weekend in el Paso Texas and Dayton Ohio it's ten fourteen and try to check in with here Jordan for triple a traffic update now king with a car fire in to call my cell phone seven oh five approaching I five that's been taking up two right lanes and so that's what's been causing that back up in that area also we have a serious crush and he can fill our this is the route one sixty one it's near Webster and it's blocking all lanes at this point I'm seeing about a half mile back up in both directions of the roadway there it is taking us a very long time to recover from some earlier problems I'm talking about a crash in shoreline on south on I five year hundred seventy fifth I'm still looking at brake lights of from the north wing what area into shore line northbound I. five will be a heavy drive from Alberta to Seneca northbound four five still a lot of work to do to Renton and westbound I. ninety that is going to be busy from the fact toria area to about mid Mercer island west five twenty also with extra company as you're approaching four oh five this traffic reporter sponsored by the museum of flight hanger fast returns on Saturday night August twenty fourth with live music games wine and beer tasting tickets and details that museum of flight dot org event is twenty one plus our next couple traffic at ten twenty four weather wise sunny and hot today in tomorrow then we get a little rain toward the end of the week and into the weekend cool things down currently the work start to crank it up seventy one in sunny.

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