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Hi listeners welcome back to cults daily every day in April we're breaking down. Various predictions made by different leaders as society approached the year. Two thousand there was worry about a y two K bug that might crippled technology but there was also fear that cults with Doomsday Prophecies would do whatever it took to fulfill them. We hope you enjoy the episode. Be Sure to come back tomorrow for a brand new installment of cults daily. Listen Freon spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. On December thirty first nineteen ninety nine people all over the planet gathered to ring in the new millennium millions of voices join together to count down the seconds and celebrations continued long into the night but for some the year two thousand was terrifying prospect survivalists than evangelical alike in the Western World. Warned that the second the clock struck midnight. Catastrophic computer crashes would begin self proclaimed experts claimed airplanes would suddenly be flying blind and warned that money in electronic bank accounts would disappear a few even believed Jesus Christ himself would descend from the heavens and that the new year would be humanity's last the apocalyptic scenarios predicted by. These doomsayers were varied and far-reaching. But all of the suppose calamities were known by a single name. Y. Two K. Hi I'm Vanessa. Richardson and this is colts. Apar- cast original. This is the twenty seventh episode in our Daily Series. On the strange prophecies made by different colts and their leaders throughout this month for taking a daily look at the myriad of apocalyptic predictions to try and uncover. What makes these revelations so appealing? I'm here with my co host. Greg Poulsen everyone. Today's discussing Y. Two K. as the year two thousand approached many worried that the computer programs that keep our world running and banks airlines and government would be disrupted by a technical glitch in the midst of the growing public fear several fringe groups took advantage of the pandemonium to make predictions on an apocalyptic scale fears about y two. K began as early as the mid eighties because computer storage at the time was costly. Many programs recorded dates using only the last two digits of the year for example. Nineteen eighty-five was simply stored as eighty five. This meant that the final two zero in the year two thousand looked exactly like those in the year. Nineteen hundred to software. Applications Tech experts warned that the glitch could result in confusion and system crashes worldwide wants. The date changed on January. First though the problem was identified well in advance. Many industries did not bother investing in solutions until the late nineties. The last minute moves to prevent impending disaster led many to worry. The problem would not be fixed in time. Doomsday's capitalized on the hysteria. Fanning the flames of paranoia to advance their own agendas. It particular libertarian. Writers like Kenneth W Royce and Gary North warned that government social programs in the United States like social security could be at risk rice even wrote a book called surviving. Doomsday in it. He advised readers to stock up on food and water in advance of a worldwide economic chateaux. Meanwhile Gary North made similar claims on his website in one of his posts subtitled the year the earth standstill. He predicted months before January. First two thousand. The world's stock markets will have crashed. Who IS GOING TO LEAVE? His money in his bank thinks his banks computer is not reliable. Other figures. Foreign that the Y. Two K. bug was the beginning of a religious Armageddon Reverend Jerry. Falwell proclaimed y two K may be God's instrument to shake this nation to humble the station he also stated that the event could start a revival that spreads over the face of the earth before the rapture of the church. No matter what form the fearmongering took it succeeded in amplifying the messages of these fringe groups. It allowed them to peddle their books and videotapes to profit in the short term because the Y2K glitch was a legitimate. Technical Concern. Caught like figures. Were able to seize on cherry-picked statements from experts and misrepresent the scale of the problem. Naturally there're prophecies all fit exactly within their existing beliefs hardcore Christian groups saw the coming day of reckoning as Biblical radically. Communists pointed to the problem as verification of their distrust of the government by the time the clock struck midnight on January. First two thousand. They had already gotten what they wanted. Their products were sold and their public. Profiles were augmented. Of course there are warnings. Were soon proven to be fraudulent. Throughout the world there were nothing more than a few minor glitches and computer problems as the year. Two thousand rolled around public. Fear quickly subsided. Some of those in the fringe. Groups were disavowed but figures like Falwell continued to have considerable public influence in later years. Like many cults the Y2k doom stairs seized on existing public anxiety and targeted vulnerable individuals many mixed technical language with religious rhetoric to confuse their audiences hopefully in the midst of the next crisis. We can learn to tune out dishonest alarmism and prevent opportunists from making a quick buck by stoking paranoia..

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