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That realizes oh if we go into the merge there's more of us should they either get rid of their weakest link or do something to sort of just avoid going into the merge with that perception we have the most numbers from our original group it's a fair question i don't know that you can make a hard and fast rule when it comes to this because i think that the other other players would look at that group and say all they they can't be a unified five like they're they've been mixed up they've been working with us and they probably never got a chance to even task their line so how can they really rely on their five when we've tested are lines are when we know that that we are strong in terms of our our grouping so i don't know i i think that in in this particular case it is a little difficult that they thought while we have five and we'll pull in two and then we'll be will be we'll be sad and the thing is i'm not sure that that's why ultimately the votes went the way they wet it's hard to say what the episode presented to us was that ben didn't trust coal and that ban and war in as the swing votes lauren wanted to work with dr mike lauren liked the healers there was a good on fair that was formed in that ben had thought that that might not be the worst thing either so i didn't hear from the votes that actually matter from and lord that it was because strictly because of the numbers why they voted so it's hard to say in this particular case if there had been one or two less dealers with the with the group dynamics have shifted that significantly it sounded like the problem was specifically with coal and with coal and jessica as a pair and that was something that ben had a problem with and ben dinh why can ben didn't trust work were moving forward i dunno was that do you think that there that less healers in this case would have changed that dynamic at all i'm not exactly sure but it seems like that we there was talk about the five healers from both sides sell i think they definitely did make it sort of like a flashing yellow target for everybody to go after yeah bennest.

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