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Dot com your go-to fr- anti-racist royal coverage. What did you do. After that kristen. I stumbled into step. One point of entry finally ventured yes. Yes in waiting. Will the book says in this step that you might want to consider being sidekick and ideally not the yes ma'am sidekick sidekick who fights back and wouldn't you know a very big tv show asked if i'd beyond to be a sidekick and you know. Give me the chance to do exactly that i'm speechless. Who were you playing sidekick to what happened. the one. The only piers morgan on his show. Good morning britain and it went exactly as you think it might. He tore meghan. And harry. Apart for their upcoming oprah interview which by the way no one in the world including him had even seen at this point seen as a twenty second trailer that is all that was in the world and he could not let it go and when he asked me to give him explicit examples of racist headlines in the uk about the sussex's because he just hates them so much and he hates that they're doing this interview. I tried to give him examples and this is what happened. Yes calling a meghan. Markle straight out of competent. Which is clearly trying to make an allusion to her being a gangster and very specifically a black re recently. Why did you raise the also hearing to a jihadist. Why would she be jihadist because she was working on. A charitable cookbook. That is racist abuse at the narrative abuse. I'm sure i'm sure we're going to hear all this. When you see the oprah winfrey skewed is toxic british press. Wow wow what a blow hard He did not shut you up though and you kept going even though he refused to listen. It's almost like you were sort about rail latte lists sidekick and i love. I am so proud of you. This is on twitter. You have to find it. It is amazing. It was passed around a lot. Yes and it was passed around so much that i gained a thousand more followers on social you. I'm like hanging eh bowers because my memory lockney and you're like i'm blowing up the world. I i'm so impressed. Not fuck you like bad. if you like. I am obsessed with you. You're amazing. Oh my gosh. I was just doing it. The spidey would. That's all i was doing. I you know. I'm not gonna play nice and roll over and play the nice sidekick. I'm going to be the loud bossy relentless sidekick and it got me where i needed to be to the place of fame to the place of power. I'm there now creston. That sounds like an amazing way to end your second week. I'm dying thank you. Thank you so much. And i like to think that spencer. Heidi would approve as well I think they would but also the question remains. Do we approve of them. Do we approve of their methodology. You'll have to stick around for the verdict to hear that but first a reminder we love it when you rate and review us it makes us more famous so go ahead give us five stars. Tell your famous friends about us. While you're at it and do.

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