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You see a sixty five year old is wrong about everything. I mean, we have a right to have a harsh judgment of that person that a twenty five year old twenty filed they're thinking with their heart. They haven't experienced anything in life. What would they see? What would they know that's where the rest of us are supposed to be educating them in general people do get more conservative, as they get older? And some people say that, that's because they make more money, and they think more with their own self interest that might have something to do with it. More likely the more you see in life. The more you come to conclusions that are correct, which I think would lead people away from liberalism. All of which leads to the food trucks, who have to discuss it, but I, I actually want a credit for once the stupid politic thing that they have the newspaper because all the ever do is pick on Republicans say that we're all liars. They actually nailed a democrat, that means that had to be really, really agreed just to do so. But it's the example is, I think worth discussing how the democrat got it wrong, by the way, how many people could actually name every democrat running for president. Posted. Nobody could even. Well, that's the other thing how how far down into the fringe. I mean there are some that are truly fringe candidates. How far down is actually like a better Beato, or Beto, another one can't they make up their mind. You hear both and you hear from the media. I think Beato says, I bet. Oh, does it. He he says Beto. So let's should we just say battle. Alright. I'll switch the battle. He probably more people still call Beato better over arc. Does he count as a fringe candidate? Or is he still the thing is pulled numbers? Keep dropping and dropping dropping dropping. Well anyway, here's one that should be a big deal. She's a Senator from the state of New York. Here's the gillibrand is tried to get attention. And she went on one of those FOX interviews and. In trying to make the point that Donald Trump is behold into the NRA. And only talks a good game when it comes to gun safety. This is statement remember after the shooting in Las Vegas. President Trump said, yeah, yeah, we're going to ban the bump stocks Debbie banned the bump stocks. No. I have a job in which I'm supposed to know what's going on in the news. So I, of course knew that bump stocks are bad. Kirsten gillibrand is a United States. Senator should she have known that bump stocks are bad? Here's the reason. It's significant. She was making a point that they're not. When, in fact, they are it wasn't even a secret. What are bump, stocks bump, stocks are these gadgets that you can do to make a? Essentially, converted gun into something that it isn't. In other words. We have gun laws that can classify the power of a weapon. We have gun laws that can limit magazine capacity, and so on with the bump stocks did, and the bump stocks were sort of. The NRA never really had it's hard in prior to defend them with the bump stock did was essentially allow you to keep pulling the trigger on a semiautomatic weapon making it automatic. It's a lot of explaining here, especially for people. I don't know anything about guns, but a semiautomatic weapon and you hear this name all the time is merely one that you've got to pull the trigger each time. In other words, most handguns it'd be a semiautomatic weapon. Click click click each time I pulled the trigger a bullet is going to fire an automatic weapon means you pull it only the one time and it keeps firing Radha to that with the bump stock does essentially as keep the trigger mechanism displays so that it is firing constantly, so you don't have to go back and forth. It allows the weapon to be more high-powered than it would otherwise may since most jurisdictions ban automatic weapons, but not semiautomatic weapons. The bump stocks were away of getting around this, and after the Las Vegas thing in which the guy used bump stocks to get more firepower out of his weapons. President Trump said, we're going to ban them, which in fact happened Kirsten gillibrand two years later is doing an interview on FOX and saying, Trump just to say, say he said, we're going to do it, but he never did it. Did she know that they were banned in lie about it? I suspect not because she would certainly know that. That's an easy one to catch somewhat. The more important point here is here is a liberal, so trapped in your own liberalism, that, she just assumed that she was right about something, she just assumed that Donald Trump would not support any type of gun line on whether or not, we should have bad bump, stocks or not. It's not my point. You've got a democratic candidate for president who ripped Trump for something that was the exact opposite of what he actually did. Let's move to another story. And I am going to get to the food trucks. The reviews have mostly been raves for the new Elton John. We'll racket bed. I can't tell you, if it's any good because the movies still in theaters. And I pretty much don't go to movie theaters. If you've been to rocket, man. Paul's not been racket bed. There was an expectation that this is going to be one of the big hits of the summer because Elton John is an incredible style is such a body of hit said, just the soundtrack alone to the movie you'd think would be spectacular. And the ratings have rather, the reviews are mostly very, very good. Racket man's kind of a borderline. Bob. In its second week of release, the box office numbers went way down. In fact rocket man finished fifth over the weekend. The movies that are hits. They generally hold the high numbers for several weeks movies, always have their best week. The foot the week that it opens because people like to go to a movie when it first opens, another thing that I can't relate to, I would go to a movie the last day, it was in the theater, when I think that the fewest people are there. But like getting the iphone and waiting in line. But obviously we're Rog about that. More people go the first week and then fewer the second and the ones that are the real hits of the ones that actually build a little where word of mouth, that's not happening with rocket man, like bohemian rhapsody, which is the point that we're going to discuss here, interestingly enough. Well, you probably made a good point here. Jerry, you go for he me. Rhapsody is the story of Freddie Mercury the leader of Queen, highly the action movie, the cat only average ratings, but the box office numbers increase the more people saw the more they told their friends. Hey, this is a pretty good movie. And they went to see it. There's an interesting story out of all places Breitbart today. Analysing why bohemian rhapsody is good at turn out to have done way better at the box office rocket, man, we'll do given the fact that the critics are all saying racket bands, actually, the better movie, why would people were interested in seeing them? We'll be about Freddie Mercury of Queen than the Elton John movie Paul said, Freddie's dead. Well. Well, it's actually a line to that ready. Paul thinks that, that's the reason that's one of the theories that's out there because Freddie Mercury is dead. On the other hand, you're talking about two bands both of which had mega hits. But almost nobody said bigger hits than did Elton John in terms of the stories of their lives, almost identical both guys both unapologetically and rather flamboyantly gay, which is a huge part of their lifestyles, and their personas. They're both flashy. Flamboyant, colorful characters who made their homosexuality almost the Brad and both movies featured their gain is integral part of the story, the case of the Freddie Mercury movie bohemian, rhapsody. You know he died I think he, he died of aids. Didn't he? So I mean, his lifestyle was largely responsible for his death Elton John is still with us. So why did the bohemian rhapsody will be Biden's audience while the rocket man movie isn't the theory? That's being thrown out. Is that bohemian rhapsody? Mostly was a story about the successes and skyrocketing career. Freddie mercury. Whereas the downside was only a portion of the movie whereas the Elton John booby. The lifestyle choices, and so on a bigger part of the story, the point that's being made here in this analysis on Breitbart is middle America is willing to watch movie about a flamboyantly day entertainer, but they don't want that to be the whole point of the movie, they'd still rather see the success, they'd rather see the star is born type story, then see a guy, troll it around, and look at a hit on a bunch of other men, even if that second, we'll be is better. I still haven't seen either movie but that's the theory that's out there. Now, did you see bohemian rhapsody? I'd be very interested if you find rocket man to be a better movie or not. But what should I order you to go to it? Paul said he wants to. Oh, Jon, Wyatt, Saad Brigham. And right now in fact, book, go to the traffic that I'll do my thing after that. Don't get play play the traffic things. It's time for revenue traffic. That might be.

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