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Thorn rose this week my rose was absolutely craig talking about how he's not going to get a flu shot for cameron's baby because apparently they're conspiracy and he read an article once about a girl who had to walk backwards for the rest of her life so i was talking to craig the event and we were talking about seeing palmer is he matter no because he says he doesn't want to flu shot because cameron wants everyone have showed he said something like he wouldn't be able to walk backwards or some backwards the rest of my life because my brain's crazy government shy it's a real do you remember this it was like a viral video in two thousand seven i'd never heard of this but the fact that he has 'cause when austin was in we talked about he's like he tells everyone that story he read an article he tells everyone about it it made me have said but i also don't get the flu shot but not be neither think mcnew walk backwards because every time someone gets it three days later they're like i feel awful like yeah yeah it's a strain of the flu right what did you think was going to happen you're literally injecting into your body that being said we're gonna come at us some year we're going to be dying it's terrible i know arose is now it's just sonia in general this episode because first of all she liked goes against arinda and like wins yes and it's awesome yes so there's that and then i also love the she totally let ramona have it she's like you seem real broken up now about your whole fight with you seem really upset about what went down between you and lou antony really broken up over she was just crying and now she's like raving over the banana bread this woman is a lunatic is you just had so many like she's this is maybe her best season ever the most clear headed she's making san lot of levity the situation she's just i love her so much mafia sawn and what was your thorn my thorn is whitney and ship drinking cameron's breast breast hand brought you some milk yeah we're oh gosh.

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