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We are **** people that state senator John Lou a man is charged with murdering his pregnant girlfriend out on Long Island in dumping her body in Brooklyn more from the shock of our cops say twenty seven year old time Tiana Walton was dumped out of a car in front of the red hook houses early Wednesday morning this neighborhood resident was heartbroken is enough death as it is a right hand is neighborhood and for this to happen is drastic this is somebody's child does somebody system twenty five year old children Philip was taken into custody and Suffolk County and now faces second degree murder charges prosecutors say filled was captured on surveillance video dumping the body and later abandoning their two year old son in front of a home in Jackson heights that same night the boys on harmed in in custody of child services a stroke Bala W. O. R. news also on the island a woman is dead and a seven year old child injured following a crash caused by a drunk driver police say the thirty nine year old lease set green Tonya was driving a two thousand six kia northbound the Meadowbrook parkway north Merrick when her car was rear ended by a Nissan rogue just after midnight the south Hampstead resident was taken to a hospital where she died from her injuries the child though heard suffered non life threatening injuries the driver of the Nissan twenty six year old Nicole Pollock of Freeport was arrested and charged with vehicular manslaughter vehicular salt and D. W. why Superbowl fans doing some shopping ahead of today's kick off but how can a buyer no with the merchandise is legit the first thing I can tell you if you're buying it out of the trunk of a car it's probably not right Tony sounds very from the department of homeland security says that people should also be wary of items that pop up at a tent he says profits made from canned food merchandise are used to support other criminal enterprises course the big game kicks up at six thirty.

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