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Cheryl. Architect Can this morning news Bajor border with that? You're gonna be talking to Brad care here in just a few. ABC News Crime and Terrorism analyst says the Department of Homeland Security now issue then advisory of AH hype threats by anti government delicious white supremacist conspiracy theory groups. And others. You know, the others don't really get mentioned a lot. But there's a lot of having being done in the state of Washington and the state of Oregon by people who don't identify themselves. With those some of these other groups as well, and the mob mentality is really, really kind of gone cuckoo for cocoa puffs. Scotty likes to say At times we now it's got it was just tell me Willy while you were delivering our news that now we have another police officer who has committed suicide after responding to the attack on the Capitol on January 6. His name is Jeffrey Smith. From the Metropolitan Police Department. Um Where would you know Which Metropolitan Police Department we have here. Scottie was this was this They're in the capital. And I would assume it would be the D C. Metro police. Yeah, because it doesn't. It doesn't for that. I'm reading from the hill. On, according to the police chief, Robert Conte. He identified Officer Smith, he says This is a very sad day and tragic situation forced the apparently this occurred on the 15th. Of January when the officer did this and you know you look at And you look at the the violence that we've had in our own city, and you look at throughout the rest of our country, and now there's you know, you got the homeland security warnings and everything else. I saw where the Netherlands which is like what number six and happiness on the planet. They're basically having what's the tab is a civil war by some of their own there because of covert 19 curfews. Protesters in the Netherlands set the fires, looted stores and fought with cops for a third consecutive night of writing there after a strict curfew, um, was occurring with the mayor warning that the nation was on our way to civil war. That's why I never take a lot of stock when they come out with these happiness studies having lived over there for a while, Never okay. I'm totally happy. Trust me. They had other countries have their own issues just like we do. You just never hear about him and And it doesn't surprise me. There were some differences and just about every and you're going to see more of this, And this is what When we had Gerald Celente out about five years ago, he said. Same thing. He predicted Civil war here in the U. S. And I remember after a couple interviews we had with remember people calling up. I got a couple e mails. People is like, Why do you have that crackpot on And I think that's because that's what he does, and he's a trend forecaster. And, you know, he predicted there would be civil war here in the U. S, if not around the world, So you know it's it's not uncommon. The Dutch prime minister Mark route condemned the unacceptable revotes, saying most of the nation regarded him with horror and says this has nothing to do with pro testing or fighting.

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