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Her chris ready the view from the president's friend thank you so much for joining us tonight so let's turn to the major foreign policy challenges looming like fears about a military confrontation with north korea or trump's plan to deliver on one of his campaign promises reports that he may break us president and declared jerusalem the capital of israel just the thought of it has sparked furious backlash from turkey which calls this a red line the french president emmanuel macron cold president trump to say it's a bad idea and those adjust us allies while the state department is issued warnings to american embassies all over the world to prepare for violent unrest in response to any such announcement so i asked a man who's dealt intimately with these issues for former cia in nsa director mike hayden and i started with just how risky changing us policy on jerusalem could be i think there's a reason a good reason that previous presidents have avoided taking that step now chris you on the details matter so we'll see what it is the president actually says number one will he direct that we move our embassy that would be very dramatic and then secondly does he used the language that an undivided jerusalem is the capital of israel if that takes place i can see why we sent these warnings out to american embassies and consulates because that's going to create a very negative reaction in the arab world and let's be clear that is because the status of jerusalem for both sides is meant to be left until there is a final peace settlement precisely precisely exactly what additional effect you think we'll this victory for president trump this this landmark victory from the supreme court where they allow his travel ban to stand at least while the whole investigation continues given that that's directly about muslim countries do you think that might have.

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