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Cause to believe that this individual is responsible for this series of of murders, which would qualify as a serial murder. That we that we have. So we will be looking at what charges to put on him. Potentially four charges of murder and aggravated kidnapping. All of the victims were prostitutes. According to police that began with the discovery September fourth of the body of twenty nine year old Melissa Ramirez. According to police Ortiz said he killed Ramirez a day earlier. I like the other victims she was shot in the head and left for dead on a rural road. A man was bitten by a shark Saturday in the water off of Cape Cod and died later at a hospital becoming the state's first shark attack fatality in more than eighty years. Twenty six year old Arthur Madisha was attacked around noon off nukem hollow beach Joe booth. The local fishermen said he saw what was happening on shore. He saw he and his friend board when the attack happened. He said he saw the man aggressively kick something behind him in a flicker of a tale from the water emerged. He realized what was happening when the friend came ashore dragging his injured friend soon e Previn the wife of Woody Allen is speaking publicly about her life for the first time in a bit. She's defending her husband from what she says is unfair treatment in the metoo era. Previn tells her story in New York magazine, she says she had a troubled relationship with her adoptive mom, Mia Farrow, who is dating Allen at the time provinces pharaoh treated her like a maid and she ended up in a relationship with Allen in nine hundred ninety two. She denies Allen manipulated her into that relationship provinces. She's speaking out now because Dylan Farrow, Allen's adopted daughter accuses Allen of sexually abusing her as a child president calls, the allegations upsetting and unjust Defense Secretary. Jim Mattis is in Macedonia today condemning Russian efforts to use its money and influence to build opposition to an upcoming vote that could pave the way for the country. Join NATO a move Moscow opposes Mattis told reporters traveling with him that there's no doubt Moscow has been funding pro Russian groups in order to defeat the referendum on a name change later this month Macedonians will vote on whether to approve the new name of north Macedonia. In an effort to placate Greece. Which is for years block Macedonia's path to NATO and the European Union. But Russia doesn't want that alliance to expand to areas formerly under Moscow's influence, well secretary of state, Mike Pompeo has doubled down on his criticism of former secretary of State John Kerry, tweeting Saturday, accusing Kerry of unseemly contacts with Iran's government. The tweets echoed Pompeo's blistering criticism a day earlier. Solely legal determinations to others..

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