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Mark. I'm going to tell you. I am an paldon disgusted by what Dianne Feinstein is doing the same thing that Senator Howard Metzenbaum did to Clarence Thomas, and I have a personal history. When I was young liberal utopian before I read your books. I was on the staff of Senator Howard Metzenbaum Senator Bob staff to get back to school go on with other things in my life. And over the years, I gradually woke up to the failures of over liberalism. But as you know, it was Senator Howard Metzenbaum who came up with this with Anita hill. This absolute smear campaign that they use at the last minute. And that's what they're doing again. Now with this anonymous letter and Dianne Feinstein, the great feminist knows exactly what she's doing with us. Yes. She does eighty four years old trying to hold onto power. It's unbelievable. Well, I gotta tell you I drawing attention to myself. But I I wrote a book lives now out of print. So I stand to gain nothing from this. I wrote a book about the turning points, which I left to the left and one of them was a chapter called the fall and rise of Clarence Thomas. And my book, I won't even name the book. I don't need to name the book. That's fine. Okay. Called leaving the left moments in the news that made me shamed. To be a liberal and one of those moments. Mark one of those moments was when so-called the hustlers known as civil rights leaders came out and actually said we can't have Clarence Thomas on the court because he doesn't think like a black man, I said to myself, I became a liberal because I didn't think we ask how black people think. Why don't we believed in Martin Luther King? So here's the funny little angle on this Jammie Thomas. The wife of Clarence Thomas was in the bookstore. I believe with Clarence she saw this book and shoot up leaving the left. She saw. There was a chapter on Clarence Thomas. She invited me to come and bring my eight year old son, the supreme court anytime, I wanted to meet the associate Justice Clarence Thomas, and we did I haven't been in touch with Clarence Thomas since then, and I have great respect for him. But what Dianne Feinstein is doing. It's absolutely appalling. All right, my friend. I appreciate it. Let's go to Chris farmers. Ville, Illinois, great. Hey, good morning. Good morning. Good evening. Mark. Yes, sir. I want to bring out this whole climate change fallacy new, and I know. If the United States doesn't know where the world then they have their head buried in the sand. Derek has been going through climate change since it was formed and created long after we're gone. It's going to go through climate change again until the sun turns into four star in basically develops the whole bird. There's a doctor and his name is ROY Spencer out of UAB heard from him. Of course. I know who he is. Okay. Why are all these people on the left? I mean, it's blaming Trump. Does he have a weather machine that he controls.

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