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Radio dot com station. Evan Roberts here on a Saturday on a Saturday where undoubtedly the New York Islanders of the hottest team in the NHL. And the Brooklyn nets are the hottest team in the NBA toll free number is eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six I might bring every segment back with that comment just over and over again all day long. Let's kick it off with Mark and blooming grove good morning. Mark. More Evan great show. I agree with you on the the playoffs here. I think in the game. I think the Rams a better team. I think they'd be better personnel. But you're playing in New Orleans with the better quarterback. And then in the patriot Kansas City game. I think is probably a better team. And they had the home field. But I don't know. I just think somehow the patriots if their close at the end of the game they're going to win. I don't think that the patriot Kansas City game. I think either team could be down ten fourteen points in the third quarter. And I still think the opposite come back. I think early it could be a low scoring game. What you were saying defensive. But I think but a third or fourth quarter of that game. I think you're going to see the team that's behind that scoring will. But it's going to make it a lack game. Well, we've seen both offenses are capable of putting on shows and we've seen it against each other when they played earlier this season at Gillette stadium, and we saw what the patriots did last week. I mean, the patriots took the San Diego Chargers rallied defense and humbled them completely. And it was and dunks to James white. It was so Michelle running the football incredibly. Well, the chargers in the first quarter of this game could not stop the patriots. It was thirty two thirty three third and four and they could. Not get off the field. Kevin is in west Islip pay. Kevin. Hey, I'm going talk to you. Enjoy awhile. Well, hey on you down, Greg. This is this is awesome. I've been here. And basically it was when back in the eighties, but does pasta and those guys and then with the nets I'm not really in that fan. But I give you guys credit, and it's fun to see them do. Well, so I'm happy to see that. So it's been a phone rod Kevin. Thank you very much for the call. Look when you look at star with the islanders as you said, you're an island fan, really. And they had the one moment in two thousand sixteen where they finally went around. And that was great. It was fulfilling. It was the first time since nineteen Ninety-three at that time for me personally. I'm a nine year old kid when they pulled off that great upset against Pittsburgh. I was a long time ago, obviously, the eighties with a hey days for them the nets. Hey days before the earth that really since the ABA was the Jason Kidd run the run that they had more recently with a very weird kinda anti-climactic run. I can't describe it. But and maybe it's because they bought such unlikeable guys like Darren Williams, Joe, John. Wasn't unlikable. But it was just a very it was a team that was tough to root for and when they won the forty eight forty nine games in the first year in Brooklyn. I don't know the whole year. I never really enjoyed it. And maybe that's on me. Maybe other net fans felt the same way. And then the year after there was so much pressure because they made that trade for Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce this net team right now. And I don't know where it's going right now the six Eastern Conference. I don't know if this is ending with them sneaking in his because they've been very difficult schedule at the end of the season if this elevates, and they actually went around which would stunned us all I know where it's going, but from an enjoyment standpoint this is probably the most enjoyable net season. I've had since the Jason Kidd run because the run that they had the Darren Williams era. If you want to call it that the Billy king era. It was never enjoyable. They were good went forty eight forty nine games in the NBA. Good got to the second round when the Garnett Pierce year, but it was never enjoyable. This one's enjoyable and the islander thing in a different way has been so stunning because it happens right after the franchise walks out the door. Right after their guy. The biggest star this franchises had homegrown in decades. Really since the dynasty. He walks out the door in this stunning fashion. And I think there was just this assumption of well here come the dark days again, but Lula MURILLO was walking through that door. And so is Stanley Cup winning head coach and what a difference specifically the coach has made so far Mike is in Glen ridge, New Jersey. Hey, I'm I'm really looking forward to this game tomorrow night. I mean, this is huge the home and sprayed to me. It's just like phrase rally next the next great quarterback going up feels that way. The greatest quarterback of all time. And in terms of the game. I think it's kind of a wash because you can't sit clearly has an advantage playing at home, and they have a more dynamic passing offense. Patriots defense is better. And they've better running game fairly the advantage in terms of coaching. So I just think it's gonna come down execution and who voids mistakes, and I'll be a close game. And for that reason as a betting man, I'll pick the patriots three-point. Well, you know, it's funny Mike, that's what I ended up doing on Friday where I said, you know, what I don't have a great feeling any of these games. I'll take the points. The one thing if you are a patriot hater the way, I am. And I think most people listening right now are the one thing you have to like is that history is on your side this team on the road. Not just this season. Not just the regular season. But in their playoff history has not been the same. Here's the key. Tyreek hill has done a fan. Fantastic job, obviously against everybody. But specifically against the patriots. They've slowed down. Travis Kelsey in the past. Actually Kareem hunt is done big damage against the patriots. He's not walking through that door. Ken. They contain tyreek hill contain them. You're not going to shut them down. But can you slow him down? Just a tad. It's gonna be fun to watch. It's going to be interesting to watch the track record of this patriots franchise during this run is that they don't nearly have the success on the road is they haven't home and through this Joe made him laugh, and I think it's been mentioned by numerous people. I'm certainly not the only one the old joke that Tom Brady's accomplished everything. Right. But the one thing he hasn't accomplished is he doesn't have as many road playoff wins is Mark Sanchez. And that's still the demon that he's chasing. Look. I mean, obviously a big part of it is most years the patriots are hosting the tire AFC playoffs. And I figure that was going to happen this year. I've said numerous times, you know, something happen. Where the chiefs get picked off and the patriots are hosting the AFC title game. But you look at the last two they had to play in Denver. One was very close. They act you had a chance Tiet with a two point conversion with about ten seconds to go that they failed on. And then the one before that they got blown out. They got beat up remember the Colt one in Indianapolis also against Peyton Manning where they had a big lead actually blew it. So their track record on the road to the postseason hasn't nearly been the same as what they've done Gillette pats in Nyack, Pat. Hey, how's it going good? What's up, man? Hey,.

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