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Talk about whether. Or not somebody's a citizen or not. That doesn't sound so good to can you imagine you send out a census and you're not allowed to say, whether or not a person in American citizen in Poland. They say they're either polish of their nuts. Right. Trump addressing reporters as he was hosting the president of Poland, at the White House will House Democrats are investigating Trump after the special counsel's office. Neither accused nor cleared the president of allegations that he tried to obstruct the investigation into Russia's twenty sixteen election. The US force service is proposing a sweeping overhaul of landmark environmental law in order to fast-track force management projects, including logging, wildfire mitigation on public lands. NPR's Kirk siegler has more on the proposed changes to the national environmental Policy Act. These rule changes would give forest managers more discretion to bypass full blown environmental reviews on certain force management projects. If they demonstrate there won't be severe impacts to the land US force service chief Vicki christianson says it's taking some. Critical projects years to be approved at a lengthy and applicable reviews, where proposing more efficiency, not short, cutting any of our responsibilities for good environmental assessment and stewardship on the land. Not short, cutting and fact enhancing where we can public involvement, the rule changes are subject to a sixty day comment period. Kirk siegler, NPR news. Officials from Uganda in the World, Health Organization are on high alert after a five year old boy died of a bowl and to his family members are being treated for the disease. More from NPR's Jason Bobi, and Uganda has been preparing for months for the possibility that the massive outbreak in the DRC might spill across its western border. And it finally has the five year old boy who died cross from the Congo into Uganda earlier this week with his family, one of his siblings and his grandmother, also tested positive for the deadly virus. They're being cared for in a bullet treatment unit in Uganda, according to Uganda, and health ministry. That's NPR's. Jason bobbie-ann. This is NPR..

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