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We need to get. We need to get like a an intro. I know because every time. I mean we have a set one. Well no no normally. What happens is i introduced myself. I'm melanie daily. And then we wait. We wait for a good ten seconds. And i stare at you and you say or something like that. So so far. That's been set intro zone but You're mixing it up for this week like it all right so this week. I am talking to the fantastic Rachelle and i knew her. I believe it was rochelle anthony. But now it's keel. I believe if i'm pronouncing that correctly. And she coaches for eisenhower. This fantastic double national championship. Team up in michigan and i i listened to her speak at a Varsity spirit conference and she was giving a talk about Corey choreography and trying to do things outside. The box. And i loved it. I learned so much and thought you know this. she's adorable. she's just absolutely adorable and so likeable and so down to earth and so talented and Very team team focused. It's not really about her is about her tian creating something really cool and so Anyway went to the went to the class. You know. And i wrote down her contact information and then Not too long after. Maybe it was five months or so after that somebody got a hold of me through social media. It was either on instagram or facebook. That said listen to your podcast of your podcast. I have a great idea for her. You should interview. And then she told me. And i was like i. Totally agree n. G. is on my list of People to contact and it was a. It was a fellow coach of hers from michigan so When i sent this interview to kaley send them to her for so she knows what she's talking about after her awkward pause but anyway when i sent to kayla i was like this is rachelle winning if carl munt ever tells us to get lost. This is who we're going to start stocking good. I know just think. Carl listens to this. Carl.

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