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Applying every reality show on TV. And to this day I've done over 25 reality shows. A leader has done everything except Survivor and a couple amazing race. And I've done everything because I realized I look ridiculous with the messed up here in the glasses. That was my branding. If you see me at home, I'm ripped jeans with a John Deere hat fixing my old cars. That's what I just really who I am. Mom, But I realized need to create a persona like Phyllis Diller. Like Joan Rivers, like care How you have a unique stand. Yeah. I want to start looking at that and started branding myself to look like a celebrity. Even though I was just trying to learn how to become one if I was ever going to kill you. Do you know who would become one? Obviously you made it on an act in this town. This town gets into your bloodstream once it gets into your bloodstream. I don't believe the drug it is. It is now being the entertainment capital of the world is going through the worst time, of course. Because of the pandemic to co 19 and entertainers or sort of bottom of the totem pole. Unfortunately, where do you see this going? How do you? How are you dealing with this azul performer as an artist? And where do you see what your your outlook on the future or well, You know you love this town since 2002 even here even longer, you know? You have a success. I played planet Hollywood to Tropicana. I've been on more reality shows and I need to be on. You know what a G 22 million people overnight cell you can't buy that You can't buy that. And so you have all success. You're going to 2020 right? And I'm now Tropicana and literally When this thing happened, I had two shows in Las Vegas Strip, which is unheard of. It's hard enough to have one on my girlfriend. Who's Danny. She's the host of crazy girl. PH. I have my short Tropicana. And now I just got hired by need a man to be the guest comedian comedian now believe or not, after all those years, trying to be funny in fantasy, which that show's been on sensitive. One year's been here 20 so great talent before the whole world fell, Which is what? Molly Brown March 15th. Lisa felt for me. Then, um, Ice was sitting having a glass of wine, my my girlfriend on the back part of her house, and I said, This is unbelievable. This never happen again. Your host of crazy girls. One longs for English shows in America at P. H. I have my own show Trump. Can I'm guest starring in a show across the street on the most famous figure in the world, like this is unbelievable. I came here with tricks that I barely could do in a U Haul. My little red truck. I sell that damn Red truck and Andi. I said, this is never happening. It will be 81 day with kids and grandkids Legal. What do you do Not believe this. But one day we were actually both worked on this trip. We met for coffee before the show and had drinks after our shows. Heard of because even get a show in the strip. It is almost don't care even if you got to buy your way out because you couldn't do that. If you have enough money, so now you wake up 2000 March 16th 2020. And all of a sudden you get the call. And every show that you know that you've been no worry. Two weeks off. That's what we all thought. That's right. Two week, 14 days. You know what I could do? Two weeks off for 10 to 10 years, right? And all of a sudden now we're at what? Four months right for my nose. Well, for me, it's for months. Today's march. Whatever data 15 3rd and is what? July July 14 so little more will be four months today. I've worked. I mean, have worked on a live stage doing what we do exactly. So how do I take this? How do I feel about this? I am. I am probably the person that you don't want to hang out with. Because I feel you probably do because you're the same vein as I am, but a lot of people my friends businesses. You sure you've seen they're pretty upset. Pretty depressed. Not sure of any fragile Yeah. Now, look, I chose to be a magician right as a career, Right? That's right down by clown and juggler. That's right. Look, three professions I wanted Do growing up was a firefighter, a marine biology in a chiropractor. I could on any of those three things. I'm smart. Enough for that anything more net. I can't do it. I'm not that smart. But those are jobs that pay me 8,220,000 year and I could live my life. Very fine, right? I chose magic, right? I was doing 50 of her birthday parties, right? So Now the pandemic hit on a magician. I'm used to surviving. I'm used to pan handling. I usedto begging for a job working tours with wins. The next years, I'm used to try and be creative member. We're talking about going putting with fliers and the paper's paid for. Are your putting posters up? I've done that. I've you know, so I cut my own grass. Still, I changed my own oil, You know? So I'm used to, you know? Yes, I do. Like the limo's in the penthouse suite, But I tour I don't know, But I'm also the type that I could change my entire night. I will. So we're back to change my entire again. You know, we're back to going. How do we make this work? Well, I'm very fortunate last five years I've a YouTube channel and I have a tic tac. Which is this? You know thing kids air on. I should. I shouldn't be on it, but I'm on it. And you know, we just had half a 1,000,000 followers YouTube. I just $0.7 million. You know, on Facebook? I have 700,000 followers I've been working on for the last 3 to 5 years. Well, we talked him off the radio about this, but I assume kid my father took me for corns in Vancouver is Trotter Dominion Bank of Scotiabank of Roll, banking, banking, commerce. Four banks. I asked us 12 years old, I said. $100 for a Christmas present. You know, Grand parents give you money right away. Don't bank on already. There was he had a bank account for mercy when I open my own bank. Thank you Wanna go with four banks? Why's that four banks in every corner of the bank that holds your money. They give you 10%..

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