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A logical of the now of jury so fire okay buddy boy and in lane delegates in a gallon however union for the past five years corporate ngo because machado machado the garbage Iba hume line for before midnight but no yes. No government Going so i. I really want to squeeze everything in so i hope you don't mind if i short church england ship the questions so now than you do. I'd start to just start with that for me my around thinking so when you start this up land certain all also start from the bottom by sccm ghana or dive. Get bene- guy into getting lion and doing those six dollars and six unexplored deal seven. Your you're deals about about underway on some freelance or some Nolan yada you. I was lucky back. Then that was twenty eight in may friends and then a freelance and they are in this particular community online freelancer community in the philippines. Not mindset it's not have now mytalk premium being reminded so when i started. I actually didn't start. You might usually end up for our in where our Survey speed for example. Five dollars per hour. I started their theater in a fixed fee and so putting employees. During that i am napa falsafi lance community and and they had my first offers every client. So that's why it's it's a startup e commerce store in the us in new york. And i was there so did managers back then fixed among the goes honey laso. Now people be part of that particular community if i can mention oil boba movement try. Yeah relents movement tribe by John reid and so he has. This community were He helps filipina freelancer. Still have this mindset. Now he'd be deported filipino. Our hickam by fema who well in fact that but now bill or messiah star because we provide better From from the experiences of clients what we provide members or with them the other nationalities so your new strategy from the bottom but really i know some stories or now but lhasa from likud to spur our union book omar gaither snuck ilah. Hope i don Three hundred dollars per thousand words with elegant by so i was necessary. Thank god i found this community and then he gave me discipline your minds it now. I have this certain skills I have i know something about this skill and they and they also invest in may serve. Because i also I know learned from the courses online. So i find from aside from an aside from. I'm big eh sergey. Before think over before i applied for this position i have the knowledge. I prepared for there are some in ohioan. Yeah up blake muna and then during the time that you're in you can be you can be. You can do it now. You can learn from doing it. So i made true not at least i knew something about the industry about that as i'm doing so but it doesn't go into during the time the over all in however you mop project us this certain product. I also manage their social media platforms so far gone back to them. I have been engaged in the wayne up out three in preparation for future to union book. So i know. I know about in the what was up manage social media house. I and i handle everything. Even increase when amar beneficiaries or even increase of possible point source and even a marketing. You mop projects who invite people to join so nego- our nausea and then eventually not play in a just upgraded it known ag- work nocco new allegations. I so i think. I can really see that you're very young woman Number symbol by the world of freelancing. It only suits young people like you because you are more driven you have more skills. You have a millennial mindset or is it the late for older people like me to do the being in your area or become a freelancer mice reading now when we actually. I think the best thing about this kind of industry is that what action that nothing. Upa any know some From our guessing back the grass with our with older than me feeling. it's a feeling millennials. So mom i parts know mariposa. Realizing community nasa. Let's see in the bracket of around four to six weeks there freelancers. They're doing what they're doing so be industries. Actually affair industry navy genetic surgical new age. I think it's just the mother of how you will center of a vaccine. I'm how you this particular skill. So i know some wind from the animal conventional wiper. She's i think she's in his ships in her feasts and she started this certain group where i know for the fifties and above someone a young at heart. It's not game bay because the opportunities open for everyone so they pull up. I know but then again like when we go to court but it or pug sixty hours ain't or force it i don't handicap the more you can access the home user. You know how to navigate the computer you know how big Different platforms waiting with allegra. When astronaut into in paris mommy that are not been each group novel so by me. Don't do double barreled question. So i i also have a communications background maskell. But a chose their few so one of the things. You've been welcome a guy as double barreled question but ask anyway. I will still The grateful sick ray great sin which is the as double barreled question. This is about you being a finance looking for your client. Unabomber one client freelancer mri. The ceo or ego unveiling a mug any lap and number two. How do you maintain a good relationship with your family. If you have moved all lions of the same. I hopefully buddy reimbursement wash. But i.

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