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I don't feel massive urgency. I don't feel like I felt the couple years ago in love kyri LeBron super teams. Yeah. I mean that was like I could not wait for the game to happen. All right. Tomorrow's headlines today. We'll K D leave the warriors in the off season. I think it's pretty clear last week here. I said, thirty one and one that stats irrelevant. The headline will be match made in Kevin Colin. There is a lot of juice been talking to someone around the team in Toronto went with them to the bay area. There is a feeling Kevin Durant is needed on this team. The players know it, you can see it, Kevin Durant's really invested look at these numbers they're down without him offense in college. When you look defensively, this team is just a joke. They're not as good. No, no. They miss his length. Kevin durant. Gets a bad rap because I don't think he was a great defender early. Kevin durant. And underrated defender if for no other reason as length. Yeah. And you can't switch on everything. And they gave up like what one hundred twenty three points. I mean the offense has been hurting a bit. But they did score one hundred nine in each game that should be good to win last year's Cavs topped one hundred nine only once and these raptors is just getting whatever they want. There's a vibe, Kevin Durant. Seriously? Could stay in Golden State after this. I know a lot of guys that this network disagree with me. He's gone, Colin are you starting to come around match made in Kevin, I would never as his agent. Tell him to take less money and go to a worse ownership group. I could never tell my client that I could just I would just say, listen I've. I not that I listen, I rely on my agent, I say to my agent. How does it land for you? If he comes out and says, well, you're gonna make less money and work for a significantly worse owners group. I would advise you in my opinion, you're better served here for a year. I think Kevin ends is career elsewhere. I just don't think today's the day goes, like unfinished business. They lose the finals way to segue. You guys need me. Let me come back win another championship, and then look elsewhere before departing this sub so maros headlines today, which big name stars Hines with the Knicks. Oh boy, Colin a month ago. It looked great right? All we got Zay on. We got Durant. Kyrie right now. The headline will be New York nixed. Oh, James Dolan, looking very forlorn there for the Knicks. And again seriously a month ago. Oh, well, we got we got Zion in the lottery and Durant wants to come here, you saw the Kyrie Irving stuff that's pop. Yesterday. He's hanging out with Brooklyn. Nets up in the club. I've been saying for a while in this network. Kyrie Irving has been texting nets players all season. Like there is a connection there is he gonna go there who knows it's fluid? But right now the Knicks could be in the mix. I remember when you did a worst case scenario, maybe a week ago on free agents, it's starting to feel that way for the next Colin hay, Dismore Ning. I strongly believe this and I said it on Monday. People that I trust her telling me kyri has told Brooklyn. I'm coming. That's why Brooklyn yesterday was willing to give who first round pick..

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