Global Warming, CNN, North Korea discussed on CT on the Hill


Four to seven to three is our telephone number ed says follows our program today and will cover a lot of territory let's go to john and windsor welcome to see thi other hill john good morning how you doing good how're you janeh have you heard of a new that we created a with a global warming who's the rohero al gore remember abdo dan mcgrady remand taken the world on near cnn assigned grabbed onto the go well he's done a fine job make it a lot of money for himself that's for sure i know either either gwinnett could tomorrow have you ever watch cnn broadcast at all i do not one and elevated i do not walk cnn or you rao miss it out they have a thing of on north korea of a day that was unbelievable it could believe it the only crew country in the world it was a quiet in the day about the whole country the guardian and they get all the information in about north korea what people are doing and the ameri they didn't go property but told them you know gary getting goods output to the people doubt it was a propaganda think we're gun believable might whom told me about it you know uh cnn broadcast sweated it really really your company on clearly philatic up grown are well our man of going to be a today and i'm glad he of fantastic leader doled out about us so what do you like about trump i guess because he's here on infant food and crucial he do come gone e e e he does all we're barely will ban but you feel that you know he wrote a man of the people that growing can tell you you've got a politician are john thanks for sharing your thought you also who who that okay deputy governor good day you to take care let's go to kim in connecticut kim good morning okay kim go ahead.

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