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Org's slash 19 Never wait for weather get the storm teammate forecast of the top 30 past each hour. On news radio Wofl, a tropical storm Sally and the Gulf of Mexico, bringing a few showers near our coast this morning. It will be a little breezy through the day, but the rain chances will increase to 60%, but some of that moisture wrapping around Sally Holding highs today at 88 degrees and the showers will taper off this evening with a low tonight of 76. Even as Sally makes landfall tomorrow, our rain chances are still pretty high at 50% in a high of 89. If you're out on the water today, South east winds at 15 knots and seize up to 3 to 5 ft. I'm Max Defender rate meteorologist Li Span. The UV index is three right now. Mostly cloudy 70 degrees in ST Petersburg, 78. Brandon and 79 at your severe weather station news radio Valet Next update at 6 15. Micra strength, man. Now your informational cast of characters. Jack Harris, Aaron Jacobs, Katie ButI know and Natalie A quill. Leah. This is am Tampa Bay on news radio. W F L. A Good morning. It's a M Tampa Bay. And if you would like to join us, by all means, give us a call at 809 699352, and we'll talk about what you want to talk about. Either way Paul goes. Oh, had a Good story in the Tampa Bay Times Online. Because tomorrow, Tampa is going to honor the legacy of Baldomero Lopez, who died 70 years ago, smothering a grenade with his body and this was in the Korean War. Incredible. I am seeing way named a park after him close to Where the community Jewish Center is now the Yeah, right across from there. Okay. Really? Yeah. Big part basketball Hoop. Directly across from the JCC on O R. Mania. Yeah, on Armenia thing. What is that? Park called? I thought it was pretty sure of his Baldomero Lopez, I believe is well and there's a little statue there, right? I think so. Yeah, I remember. I mean, this is several years ago, but it's been 70 years since he sacrificed his life to save is a Marine. Platoons smothering a grenade with his body during the Korean Wars battle of Inchon. The problem was a war correspondent snap photograph of Lopez leading his men over a large seawalls. Lopez then attempted to throw a hand grenade. He was shot in the shoulder. Then two wounded to attempt to throw it again. He instead cradle it under his body and absorb the full impact. And this is the age of 25. Let me think about doing that saying, Okay, I'm goingto get myself blown to bits, but I'm going to keep my my people here from Dying, and it's incredible. It really is the one I'm thinking, by the way is the Villa Brothers Park. All of the feel of brothers. That's right. I did something for Baldomero Lopez and I can't remember what it wass. We did something a long time ago. Yeah, that was the Villa Brothers Park. You're right across from there. I used to hang there all the time. Anyway, It's where I played basketball people. People would amaze me because it was the first time ever. I saw people playing pickup basketball in between games to be smoking cigarettes on the bench. You know, this just doesn't make any sense. I mean, I'm impressed by you, but Well. He was inspired by the attack on Pearl Harbor to join the high schools. ROTC, and he was told he was described to be a Marine. And he started a diet workout program to bulk up Fought hard in and that I mean, he worked hard to wear the uniform of a Marine. Resilient and brave men are incredible. I'm trying to think what we do have all anyway they Ah city is going to honor him and Ah, a few other things. You're going to be doing it. They're going to be celebrating his life and his death outside Tampa City. All TJ cell seen us. Has led the effort. To get his name out there and to honor him because he is a Latin hero. So that's great. Um, it's 13 minutes after six. And doing charades of Jack traffic. Ow! When we forgot to do the traffic, I don't know what I was doing my hand as if it was a car, a car and it just inject. Like what the hell you didn't. Then Helen Dorsey is.

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