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Up to me to open up schools. Yes, Blaine's e mails on my page cannister dot com. Marc Stein in for Rush, I was I was complaining yesterday that some of the buggy bumper music was too funky for me that I was insufficiently funky. To keep it together with the bumble music. But I think this this music is to unfunded, even even for May Mark Side for rush on America's number one radio show. You know, one can. Ah, Mr and Mrs average if you still allowed to say that do between now and election day. Well, one of the things that's happened over the last six month is that tons of people are living where they would not be normally living. I notice I live on The Ah, the Connecticut River between far northern New Hampshire and far northern Vermont, and I noticed if Ugo around New Hampshire. It's full ofthe Massachusetts license plates on the roads and if you cross over the bridge Into Vermont, Vermont's full ofthe New York state license plates because what's happened since the cove it and since the lock down and since the looting. Is that all kinds of people have fled the cities. For the country, so people who have summer camps Boston people of summer camps in Massachusetts have all fled. To New Hampshire and New York City. People of summer camps in Vermont of all fled to Vermont. And they're not going back. And this is true across the rest of the country to and as we know, Basically, there are cities There are blue cities on Once you get into the country, they're generally Red. Not always, but that's how it is most so called blue states. Are actually in fact, red states that haven't have a big a couple of big blue cities in them. And so we're seeing all this movement and I don't know what this means for polling polling is rubbish anyway, Azad we were talking about yesterday I basically figure that there's a five point undervote. In the in the Trump poles. So when the official polls are saying That Trump is three points behind bite, and he's basically Ah point also ahead. But what does it actually mean for election? Now I look at all these. You know when you go to the general store, and it's hard getting into the parking lot, because there's all these obnoxious Massachusetts people or New York ear's in there. I'm thinking, what does this actually mean on Election day? For example, Trump lost New Hampshire by very tiny number of votes, probably mostly for Jalin from college towns like Daamoth College and UNH and A season and it's still being shown somewhat to my surprise as a as a swing state that could could go. It could go Republican or whatever. But what if all those Massachusetts people that's still at their summer camps and decide as you can do on Election day itself that they're going to be voting in New Hampshire. That's that's going to take that. I don't know. What kind of people Are fleeing America's cities. I think it's both liberals and conservatives. But you would have to bet that it's saying just because of the way the populations of those cities are that it's it's actually a lot more liberals fleeing liberal cities to conservative rural district And I don't know what that means. If those people are ah, in ahh, the voting in conservative polling precincts Akane November the third and so this is You know the way to approach them? Is this if you run into them, you know, pick a fight with these people or whatever. But look at this. They've been forced to choose between their value system. And reality, and they have decided that they can stick it that they can't New York is dead. This guy Cuomo, the governor is just another No, no, Whenever. Basically he's told those bars and restaurant owners that it's never going back to normal. So all the things that liberals like like about liberal life in great cities, like being able to go and see great music and Great dramatic entertainment. None of that is ever coming back. That's dead. Meanwhile, you've also got this violence you've got. There's a story in the paper today about how 300 homeless men Were housed in a hotel on the fancy shmancy Upper West Side ofthe New York sitting on all the hoity toity fancy shmancy Upper West Siders didn't like that, and they managed to get The city to take those 300 homeless people who are beginning to bother all the rich society matrons as they were perambulations down the street and said, No, no, no, you got to go and make the move somewhere else. The point. The point hair is You have to lean on these people to say, you understand. Now there is a price to be paid. However wealthy you are. There is a price to be paid to signing on to a ll. This nonsense. It may sound nice in some fluffy Honey Perfect world celebrating diversity. That's not who we are. These may all be perfectly nice of catchphrases for fluffy bunnies in an animated motion picture, But you you now understand that when you try to live it, it gets ugly. Pretty down fast, and we need you. You've recognized that. That's why It's November and you're sitting in your summer camp in New Hampshire or wherever the hell it is, and we need you to recognize that not just in reality. You voted with your feet. But now it's actually time toe vote with your pen or your ex. So whatever you're doing, it's actually time to vote not just with your feet but to vote vote as well on that is the most important thing. These guys have to understand that they.

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