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That's that's a big presence in the middle of your defensive line that you don't just replace very easily. So I I think they're going to be pretty good next year. Now, here's here's the problem their schedules. Always brutal. And they they still play in the west. You know, we think auburn's you better. Although Auburn has to go to them, but they've got to go to LSU gotta go to Tuscaloosa, Florida. We think is going to be a little bit better. And they were pretty good this year and they're coming to Baton Rouge. So it's gonna be tough. But it's always going to be tough shirl issue. I go to Texas. Right. Jackson week Texas is week to. Yeah. And decay. Yeah. Yes. So I mean, listen they. They've they've got what they need. Now to be a very good team. I don't know if they have the roster to beat Alabama yet. I'm not sure if they're there yet. But it feels like they're getting closer. I think that's reasonable. I still want the Joe borough thing. Like, I feel like he is probably the best okay quarterback in the country. And I just want a little bit more because there's so much speed. And there's usually so much talent you may get a little bit more because remember Joe borough true. Joe borough have spring practice last year in Columbus. So you know, he's got a full off season this year to really get to know those receivers and he's not getting thrown into this. So I think they're going to be fine. I don't know because of the schedule I'm not sure the records gonna be appreciably different. Right. But you know. That'll be the thing. They'll be pressure on ores Ron in at some point. If they don't take that next step of winning that game. They're not necessarily supposed to win. And that would be the Alabama game. Probably. So the they've got a breakthrough at some point. But then that's sort of the the ballot of everybody in the SEC west. Eventually you have to break through and beat Alabama. And of those teams only auburn's been able to do it. We're also talking about an LSU team that was like an eleven hour game away from being ten into exactly we should not downplay that either because remember this is the team that people were saying, oh, they're going to be five and seven and ORs. Ron's gonna get fired. No, no one's doing a good. Yeah. For sure that is a good program. There are in the right direction. They just now need to begin competing for SEC national titles, which is the hardest. Step to take so good luck with that. Okay. Good luck. Give me a number between one and fourteen that you haven't yet eight who. Eight we're going. This is the earliest anybody will ever talk about the Vanderbilt Commodores, and I I think that's wonderful because the doors they kind of quietly had it totally fine year. Kyle Shurmur one of the best what five six quarterbacks in the conference Keyshawn von was wrecking ball. And I hey questions like this. I promise you I do. But maybe there's something on the bone is is having and blowing late leads to Kentucky Notre Dame Mizzou. And I think Florida all were like blown leads indicative of anything. Here's the problem. This was your year with the senior quarterback in the I basically fourth year starter. Yeah. So. Now, you're. If you're Alabama or Auburn or LSU or Georgia one of those programs, and you lost a significant amount of leadership or experience. You can still grow on that. The problem is when you're vandy when you're an Arkansas when you're Missouri something like that. You're probably gonna take a step back. Just because the roster could only be as good as that every couple of years. So I'm not sure how much you can build on that. If you've any getting Vaughn back is big. Yes. The dude everage seven point nine yards a carry. And he was he was incredible in that bowl game. So I think that's that's a big deal. They have they have some good pieces. But it it's gonna feel like starting all over again. Because you're you're starting all over gonna quarterback. Yeah. Gotta make it count. Those senior classes in the way that like Kentucky hooky. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. I mean, that's the thing. They they sort of provided the model for how you're supposed to have one of those seasons..

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