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I'm like there's not that many people in l. a. or driving their shit around every day. That's insane that you guys love. La shit that much like like how does that feel sometimes to see how far this shit reverberates i mean it's it's great. You know like i to me. I look at it. I'm just like fog man. That's so cool like these people know our culture so much that they they bought that shit. The united states had a flown over there. Whether it's clothing cars whatever tattoos you know whatever whatever was they flew all that shit to their country and had had it right there. They had like little mini as right there. The only difference that they didn't have that we had because for them. It was more like a sport was like friendly competition. They didn't have people jacket for the dayton's they'd have the cops. You know fucking with them because a low writers basically an illegal car right the car. The the wheels are too small for the suspension everything about the unsafe storage of batteries in the trunk. There's like three violations just pulling the interesting yeah so you know back in the nineties of cops to always fuck with us. It was like the thing. Do you know like you saw copulate. All new car could get told. I might have a warrant. Could go to you know could go to the county jail the night or whatever but they have to deal with none of that shit you know for them is a sake. It was cool. You know they could just build cars and and basically you know driving around play with them all day and nobody to fuck with them right for them. It was a people. Stop in the street or wall fucking cargo by here. Like mothers wonder where he lives. You know deaf who might have some rims. I need for my car. Some shit like that ache. I've gotten fall would be far before car. You know nashes. You know little bit stressful. You know with these going to do you know. Yeah so you know the cops looking taking impounding. Your car should like that like they don't to deal with none of that so it's kind of like they get to do it all but in a safe way you know. They don't have the but to me. I like i like it here. You know i'd like to. I'd like that little excitement. That stress and you know the drennan ryan but has been appointed. Live where you start to feel like. I got a little too much success to really be in the hood or around the shit that you know you really built a name for yourself on being around like is. Is there ever that separation for you. Because sometimes we'll be doing video content where we just pull up to the projects pull up to some rappers hood. Whatever and to me. I love that feeling of just being accepted in that environment and being able to document this shit knowing that was very hard for most people that get into this environment But then at the same time sometimes i think like i'm taking a little bit more risk than maybe would be wise to at times when i realised somebody got shot on at that store where i was standing a week later. Some shit like that. Yeah i mean back in the day. The most of the photos that i was getting were were people always kicking with right so i was just there. You know we're all there. And i just happened to be taking pictures now like you know some people know me and stuff you know like you said but now if i'm going to do some photos or something like that i'm i'm being invited you know so it's like i'm a guest you know in people are cool. You know as long as you're respectful and you're you know you're not trying to ask some certain type of way you know you. You know how to navigate through all that you know so for me is is pretty much the same. I don't think i'm that successful to where people like people who want to be a threat to me you know. I don't have anything to really offer them. I my success is that i've been seen nor my photos have been seen lake a millionaire walking around or you know on instagram. With twenty grand man. Like phone is shit like that does not mean you know i just get pay my bills and do my thing and so whenever i see people out there you know i go everywhere by myself pretty much right and and i feel comfortable like that. You know. I don't. I didn't put it to where i need to roll around with people or or you know maybe a you know i could be in some type of danger where i have to have somebody with me or anything. I never thought we always roll like that. Like you know. Even with cypress hill we used to go everywhere you know. Every time we go to new city we just rolled out. Go to the mall go kick it. Kick it with people you know. We're like friendly with everybody so we never had that like well. We sold this many record so we got to act like this and you know. Just a weird. There's like a thin line. You can cross but once you cross that you know you're stuck on that side. Yeah and none of us ever really crossed that line so you as a photographer in terms of you know obviously if you get paid to shoot something and you're getting paid to shoot something but in terms of the type of photography that really makes you happy. What are your favorite things if you had you know next saturday free and you're gonna go shoot something. What would be the thing that would bring you the most personal happiness to shoot. I mean pretty much anything that you can get paid for. You know all the stuff that i shoot that. I never got paid for that. That i don't make money on. Is like the the stuff that i love. To shoot you. Know the car culture the la kosher. The you know the tattoo stuff you know. That's all the stuff that i love to shoot that you can't really make money off of right. It's the music and the celebrities in the brands. That's where you get the money. If anything people will see your style of photos and be like. I want that style for my brand. But you can't make somebody's brand. Looked like that. You know those pictures were taken of a moment and it wasn't for a reason or purpose so you're never gonna get that again in a brand or you know like i. I've seen people go. They look through my patients. Go want my album cover like that. But it's like you don't look like that and you're not that you know they'll say i'll do something nice for you don't trip i got you but you know. I can't tell them like you know you'll never be that guy you know don't even trip so i just go. Yeah we you know. We'll hook it up. And then i you know i take good enough pictures of them to where they're like. You know you did your thing you know. But they see other pitches. And i wanna be that guy right. You know. it's like you're not that guy. Photography is just. I mean so much photography in general in particular the stuff that i see from you and stuff that people love so much that it's just very much documentation of real people doing real things like that's the thing that you can't really like so much it's really is access like i have some friends. who've like had certain moments in time where they're photography was getting attention and stuff so much of that time when i would look at it from technical standpoint it was very basic but they were in an environment where capturing and saying things you know like just seeing shit. The people don't get a chance to see and that's so much of what you know. There's only so much that somebody gives a fuck about seeing a photograph. This well done. There's only so many people that are really gonna be able to appreciate that but having access and being around people that you know yeah for me. I see that and.

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